Friday, July 30, 2010

Watson’s Haul + Nokia C3 is L-O-V-E!


    It’s here, it’s really here and I am so freaking sad right now! The same feeling as a kid who wants that toy in the window for Christmas, that kind of feeling! Paycheck is not enough and I need to save up for it, maybe by Christmas Santa Claus will gift me a C3 A PINK ONE!! I just love it, I love it to bits, regardless of how small the keypad is.

c3-2   The wonderful pink phone, I just had to take a picture, and didn’t care if people will find me weird or what. I’m just drooling! It’s shouting my name, haha. Sorry I just am excited with the phone, pretty sure you can sense that from there huh? :D  this was in the third floor at Robinson’s Galleria.

c3   This was in the ground floor, near food court at a Nokia center. Sigh is all I can say, but I will make sure I will have that phone no matter what! There you go, Nokia, particularly the one at Robinson’s Galleria is having a 1000 pesos cut off, so from 7,000 thousand it’s down to 6,000 something. That’s about it about the C3.


  On other things, I bought a few stuff from watson’s my mini haul and playing around with N900 camera, now I know the trick.


   I saw that there is a new Pond’s line the black one, of course I had to give it a try.  Closer look


Till my next post!



  1. hi kitten! how was this new pond's facial foam? is it any good?

  2. @salmoncat: hey there, you know what it's actually good, I broke out last week and had red spots all of a sudden then it got dark, I used this for more than a week already and no BS it lightened my complexion (Dark spots. I first saw this at Robinsons Galleria at Watsons. Do try it out.

  3. interesting. will check it out. thanks kitten.


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