Wednesday, September 08, 2010



    Enjoying my off so far, was able to catch up on some sleep , will get back to work tomorrow and it will be another 5 days of work. Thankfully next week is payday, will be going out with a friend/officemate on our off and eat at Red Mango Mega Mall, now I can’t wait for that. For today, I’ve been pretty productive by blogging due posts, cleaning my cat’s litter tray, writing on my diary and sleep, haha! Veerrry productive Kitten, LOL! As for cleaning the litter, for some reason, I think my cat Piccolo really prefers on sleeping on 1 brand of litter and it’s Catsan, he loves as in really loves to sleep on fresh poured Catsan litter. He doesn’t do that with the other brands I buy like, Tidy cats and Feline Essence. So here you go for your viewing pleasure ^_^

09082010167                                                                       Piccolo 

   A closer look to how the grains of the litter look like

09082010172   For me, Catsan is the 2nd best litter for me, it doesn’t smell that much more specially when you put Arm and Hammer litter deodorizer. I know I already made a review about it, if interested just search it somewhere in the labels XD.

09082010170                                                          My other cat, Tabby 

     I really make sure to spend time with them specially on my off. And it sure is a lazy one for them.

Till then!



  1. Catsan is the same one I use for Midnight. It's my current choice. What's your top 1? Ang cute naman niya, loving the new brand. Sana lang wag pag may laman na >.<

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  3. @Stacy: Tidy Cats is the best, it's good to use for multiple cats, since I have 2. So 2nd is Catsan. LOL! Yeah, he peed first then I scooped out the remnants then he slept there >.<


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