Wednesday, January 18, 2012

NO TO SOPA/PIPA: Spread the word!


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   Have you dear readers heard about the latest news about SOPA/PIPA? You can click the link for a more detailed article about it. Here’s a video too: 

   It’s a bill from the states, if this so called bill becomes a new standard for internet laws, most likely the Philippines will adopt the very same law. Which will gravely affect everyone especially BLOGGERS. Here’s a quick summary of SOPA’s restrictions:

  1. Free Speech Rights Will Be Censored - Meaning you can't just post a blog of what you feel, what you want to say, specially against companies. If you do, they will shut down your blog permanently

  2. Online Album Sites Will Shut Down -  SOPA may force album sites such as Etsy, Flickr and Vimeo to shut down. These sites have no way of knowing at this point which albums or photos are copyrighted.

  3.  Social Media Held Accountable - Social Media sites such as Facebook will be held accountable for every copyright violation that their users commit. These sites will now be forced to proactively censor user content. Meaning you can't just post whatever you like on FB and other social media sites.

  4. Streaming Sites Will Be Penalized -  YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and similar sites that host user content can be criminalized, because SOPA fails to distinguish between commercial and non-commercial conduct. Due to the lack of concrete definitions, SOPA can criminalize conduct that is actually permissible under current law.

  5. Browser Ability To Generate Fair Links Will Be Impacted - This means that users will not be able to search for the content they want.

    And those are just a few, this is bad and actually scary if this pushes through. Help spread the word and say NO TO SOPA/PIPA!


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