Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Red Mango


     For my birthday, BF treated me out at Red Mango, since I’ve been asking him to go there with me for the longest time (birthdays are good XD). I had this after dinner, as much as I wanted to order the large size, I was almost at my limit and we were still going to have cake at the office so I opted for the medium, I forgot how much the medium cup costs as well as the toppings but overall I paid for P145 with 2 toppings, mango and blueberry -yum~


09052010110                  Mango and Blueberry toppings screams LOVE! EAT MEEEEE! 

   I haven’t tried other fro-yo stores, but I’m hooked with Red Mango, some say that their quite pricey but I don’t mind. It’s a good treat your self from time to time right?

   I love the right amount of sourness to it, very minimal taste of sweetness which is good. What makes it sweet is the toppings. It was like I was eating a Blueberry cheesecake, it was good! We ate at Mega Mall, customer service was fair, it was almost closing time and they looked tired so I didn’t mind if they weren’t that cheerie, at least I got mine fast with a smile.

Right now I’m craving for it, now I’m seriously thinking to get one on payday next week. Total damage?

09052010112                                    Empty bowl, happy tummy and taste buds

   BF tried it, but he says he hates it, he’s not into the real yogurt either. Well, at least we’re going to spend once only which is for me XD

Till then!


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