Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Last few days with the E72 - sad


   Updates for the Nokia E72 review, I’ve been busy lately that I wasn’t able to make a review about the phone, it needs a sit down that’s why I prefer posting it on my off which is today. YEY!

    What can I say? I’ve fallen in love with the phone, more so because of the features and simplicity. The phone is called to be for Business people and prices here in the Phil ranges depending on the store you buy it.

    Here’s what I’ve recently found out about the E72:

  • I was a bit ticked when I thought I had to keep pressing the next song, but then there are 3 choices and you should choose the option recently added option then all your songs can be played.
  • Bluetooth (for calls) – I was able to call using the bluetooth and it works pretty fine, the person at the other end (the BF) said he can hear me fine and clear which is good. It’s pretty easy to use too for a first timer like me. I’m just not sure, if you buy the E72 here in the Philippines if it also comes with a free Bluetooth.
  • OVI STORE – can I say that this one is pure LOVE! You can download free ring tones, themes, games, and apps of course.  I’m really glad they have this. Was able to download a game similar to bejeweled and it keeps me busy when I’m waiting for the BF whenever we go out for dinner.
  • Talk theme – there are 3 themes for this phone (standby option) 1.Basic 2.Active –which I’m using and 3. Talking theme. My favorite part is when someone calls you, it will say the person’s name. Say for example, BF’s name in my phonebook is bebe martin, every time he calls it will say baby martin in a woman’s voice.
  • As for messaging, normally you just read messages right? for this specific phone you can also listen to it. But it’s funny since it’s got the UK accent. It’s not only the E series that has this feature, even the N series has this which I find pretty unique. 
  • Quick office – this is a good feature too! It works almost just like Microsoft office. You can choose from Document, Workbook or Presentation office. Almost works like a laptop already.

   I know the E72 has been out for quite sometime already, but if your planning to buy a phone if budget permits, this is a good option. Some sell this way overpriced, I saw a store selling it for P20,000. Where as the price is only around 16,000-18,000 pesos. The E72 is built for messaging and email with a full messaging keyboard. What’s great about it is the battery life! Did a stress test and I’m really impressed with the battery performance. 5/5

Here’s a complete run down of pictures:

09072010160 09072010150                                                                     Manuals

09072010151                                                                        Car kit

09072010153                                                 Blue tooth, cell phone holder

09072010155                                                                    Accessories

09072010156                                         Absolutely hate this kind of earphone!  

09072010158                                                                       USB

– very useful, you can charge your phone using this. Very easy to place in the bag without the extra weight.                

09072010157                                                                        Charger 

   So basically, these were everything that’s inside the box that they gave me. It’s as if a bought a new phone. The phone also came with a screen protector. I definitely love reviewing a Nokia phone. I’m looking forward for more reviews, but we’ll see. I’ve pretty much featured what I love about this phone, and it’s only a few more days left before the email, sigh. All good things has to end, specially with this kind of review. I hope they’ll have this for a contest, Date Sufferers, I’m one of you now. I will definitely miss this phone A LOT! Also, one of my officemates love this phone too, he says that this is the best phone for him. 

  I’m definitely sticking with a Nokia phone ^_^

My Verdict: 5/5 this is the best phone for me, if only my budget permits :(

Till then!



  1. Great review, glad you liked the E72. You'll have to tell the bf to get saving for you now! :)


  2. @Paul: Thanks,I loved the phone so much and seriously considering it but it would have to wait for now. haha!

    Btw, I'm still waiting for DHL to email me to pick up the phone. Will email you ASAP when it's picked up.

    Many thanks! Hope I can make another phone review ^_^

  3. Great Review and totally agree! The E72 is the compilation of the best features in the Nokia E63 and the Nokia E72. Really wonder what the E7 is going to be like, Nokia's next big E series phone.

  4. @MyE72: Thanks, It's the best phone for me (in my opinion), glad we think the same about it. The best, maybe because it suits my needs. I'm curious as well.

    Thanks for the comment. appreciate it much. ^_^


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