Saturday, September 04, 2010

Lady E + A sweet surprise


     It’s funny when I posted in my facebook “the week is almost ending, hopes something exciting or interesting will happen.” When I woke up this afternoon to prepare for work, I was still so sleepy, the first thing I looked at was the table and there were ironed clothes, which was good so I’ll just place them in my drawer. What caught my attention was there was a medium sized package which I thought was from my mom. And when I opened the lights, it didn’t have any writing on it whose it from? I was like O___O whose this from? while opening the package, literally opening it like a kid, yes it was damaged. I was thinking, did I win something? but then the contest I joined will not be announced until next week I believe, so it was really mind boggling. Upon opening the plastic there was a purple small paper bag and I immediately thought, has this something to do with Lady E’s question on when is my birthday? Opened the cute paper bag and saw some goodies. I first checked the letter and I was right! Lady E! you didn’t have to, it was so sweet of you, thank you so much. Here’s what happened


09032010073                                    You see how excited I was to open the plastic?


   I woke up past 6pm when I found it, first thing I did was read the letter

09032010072     I don’t want to reveal what she wrote, it’s just personal for me but those were very sweet words. What’s inside were these

09032010069     Hello kitty keychain (L-O-V-E), those cute clippers for squeezing bottles and 2 lip glosses (L-O-V-E)

09032010070                         Thank you Lady E! This is my most favorite gift of yours

09032010071                                   Clear lipgloss and pink shimmer lipgloss

09032010078                       Just like Lady E’s squeezing bottle, thank you XD

  As you may know, I’m such a hello kitty lover and the gift you gave me was perfect, I loved it! I can’t put into words how much I appreciated your gift, more so from a fellow blogger. Here’s where I used those lovely key chains


09032010083  My pink purse with Lady E’s gift, Trese, and some hairless voodoo doll


  I actually used the pink shimmer lip gloss already – excited? hehe

lips                            Used it on top of the Avon lipstick barely there

*photos were taken from Nokia E72

   You definitely ended my week perfectly, I guess I’m just simply touched with the gesture and I think I keep saying the same thing here in my post already,  haha. Again, thank you for the wonderful gift and I appreciate it a lot!

Arigato gozaimasu (thank you very much)

Interested about Lady E? read on to bits and treats



  1. I'm really glad you liked my gift kitten!!! When I saw the hello kitty key chains, I knew I needed to buy them for you! = )

  2. @lady E: I do, thank you. Hahaha, mukha na ba akong hello kitty? lol! ^_^


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