Saturday, September 04, 2010

Kitty turns 26


happy birthday

   Just a few minutes more and it’s officially my birthday! First, I want to thank a good friend of mine via web, my fellow beauty blogger Lady E at bits and treats for giving me a surprise birthday gift yesterday. Most bloggers will have birthday give a ways, as for me, sorry guys, but on my anniversary will definitely have one. Anyway, this will be a quick post. Nothing special in plan actually, since I have work, though I do plan to attend mass before I head for work tomorrow. Somehow, as chaotic my world seems I have to be thankful for the blessings the Lord has given me, for 26 years it’s been one a crazy ride for me, I thank my real friends for being there and the new people I met at work, you are my treasures. Of course to the BF who has been always there to support me every step of the way for 4 years and turning 5 years next Month on October 3.

    Aside from mass, might eat out some place, treat myself to something. It’s already too late to make a birthday wish list anyway, was too caught up with work and other stuff. I am turning 26, I sure hope to fulfill my dreams. I am glad that I discovered the world of blogging, it has given me opportunities, to share what I most love and I will not stop from blogging.

      For those reading my blog posts, thank you. I appreciate every comment you  make and the fact that you are reading my blog means a lot to me. I won’t force you to follow my blog, I don’t mind really, the fact that I know that my blog is being read is more than enough for me, just follow if you really like the blog ^_^

   So, 2 minutes more before I turn 1 year older! Thank you Lord!

Till then!



  1. Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday!!!

  2. @Lady E: Thank you. Hope you are doing well.


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