Friday, September 03, 2010



   Rainy Thursday everyone! Hope you were all safe and sound in your homes and didn’t get wet. For tonight, had dinner with the BF before heading to work and it was good, well not that awesome but better than I expected before, The Binalot restaurant. Binalot is a term for – food wrapped in huge banana leaves.

   The first time I ate here was years ago actually with my brother at Robinson’s Ermita, food court. I forgot what I ordered there and it was so bad that I said to myself to NEVER eat at any Binalot kiosk or store.  For some reason today, I had craving for good ol’ filipino meal for dinner and BF and I was famished, yes we we’re that hungry, since I just slept through my off and played games. I ate but mostly cereals and ample of servings since I didn’t have appetite eating at home. Anyway, enough babbling, here it is



  I ordered the Longganisa (sweet sausage) BF ordered Tocino (sweet pork) and sisig 

09022010050                     Food is tightly wrapped with banana leaves and paper – so pinoy


  Typically, it should be plain rice but you can upgrade it to adobo rice. However, being hungry that I was I didn’t listen to BF when he said that we can order the one with adobo rice already that costs P60 only for this particular order, it cost us around P70 or P80, the difference of the cheap one is that it has 2 longganisa’s only. Didn’t realize it until we were having dessert already. Oh well! The adobo rice costs P25 which is over priced and small, for taste it was okay, not bad, just okay. It was funny when BF said “no plates?” errr, honey that’s why it’s binalot, toink! haha. Hungry I was, I couldn’t savor the complete taste of the longganisa but I wasn’t disappointed about it.


     I know it’s blurry, sorry about that. This was BF’s order, his came with fried egg, mine came with the salted egg. Can’t say how it tasted but our banana leaves we’re empty after. 

09022010054   Separate order of Sisig no rice, topped off with fried egg. The sisig looked weird, good weird not bad weird, hehe. Taste was not disappointing.

     I liked their ambiance, pretty cool and cozy which is good, I hate eating at open places. And something sweet to end the meal was

09022010056                                                                  Leche flan P45 

    When we first saw this, we thought that it won’t taste good since it has a dark color so BF let me taste it first and it was surprisingly good. I love the texture, can be a little bit sweet for some but I like it, but yes for the price I think it’s too much. Of course it gave me a chance to take pictures with the phone I’m reviewing and so far I’m loving it, I just wished that it had more camera settings or features.


  We had a few drinks from Figaro before we went our separate ways, still playing with the camera.

09022010059                            His and Hers - Milkshake something P135 each


*  Food shots taken with the Nokia E72 


    Total amounted to almost P300 for the Binalot. If I’m craving for something like this again, I’d definitely eat there again and bring the BF along. I’m glad despite it being pricey, we weren’t disappointed with the food.

Till then!


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