Friday, October 08, 2010

Bake and Churn - ice cream cake


   Happy Friday to all! Man, I’m feeling so drowsy right now because I’m having the sniffles since last night. For today, I found out an interesting store, which I always see most of the time when I’m in Robinson’s Galleria but never paid attention to it, until I saw from certified foodies's post about it. The Bake and Churn kiosk, which you can find mostly in Robinson’s Malls. I have never tried an ice cream cake, which we all know is very expensive and so when I came across it I did not hesitate to try it out. Which was weird since I always pass by their kiosk, haha. Wasn’t able to take pictures of their stall though. Here’s what I ordered



                                 Ube Ice cream cake for P40 per slice 

     The ones available with per slice cakes are the rolls which are choco, mocha and ube. The cake’s texture wasn’t too sweet which is good, the ice cream tasted like ube, but has a different texture compared to regular ice cream (in a good way), it was creamy and not too sweet too. Well I know I am trying to loose weight but it was just one time, just to see what’s it about and if it’s a worth buy which it is. I sure did enjoy my very first ice cream cake at Bake and Churn, will definitely buy one for the BF since he loves ice cream and chocolate cake.


Till then!



  1. I was in Robinson's Galleria last weekend and was not able to try this one out.

  2. @MrsMartinez: Next time when you're in the area you should try it.

  3. i will definitely grab one of it. wow.

  4. @cafe'mobility: yup, im curious about the choco roll, might try it too.

  5. @[cookiespink]: It's good, try it when you can.


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