Friday, October 08, 2010

Inside a Cat’s mind -thoughts


   I came across a fellow bloggers post about Michelle1218 leaving the blogging community and it made me ponder on a few things. First of all, companies see blogging as a good target for advertising, why? because it’s cheap and the blogging community has definitely increased. When I first became an official blogger which came by surprise, I didn’t know there was such community that exist, I just wanted to blog about things I love, started making reviews about my cats and the rest is history.

    Why am I blogging? Back then, I use to be a frustrated writer, I wanted to write a story but ended up with nothing. The passion of writing is there but I gave up on trying. Eventually, I was led to blogging and it’s much more better than what I wanted. I’ve always been passionate about make-up but not to the extent of going to make-up school, I’m content with the knowledge that I have, it’s more of an addiction in buying them. I have more make-up than clothes, which sorta sucks right now, but then I’m saving up for clothes already for the holidays.

    What do I blog about? Aside from make-up, I only blog about the things that I love like, my cats, their food supplies, gadgets (that I am familiar with), movie and game reviews and FOOD.

    What is my purpose in making this post?  I just wanted for you guys to “somehow” get to know what’s behind the cats mind, hehe. People will always have to say about something and be mean with their comments, that’s their opinion. As for me, I’m loving every bit of  my blogging life and will continue to post on things I love.

caption-this-picture-2            *photo courtesy of

   What do you think of pro bloggers being affiliated with beauty companies?


Till then!


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