Saturday, October 02, 2010

5th Anniversary with my Soul Mate


   This will be a quick post, So good morning readers! It’s been one cozy night and I hope it will drizzle a little since I love having a cool weather. Anyway, BF and I decided to celebrate our Anniversary early, which is today. Our real anniversary is tomorrow, October 3, we met way back 2005 in a computer shop we used to hang out. It wasn’t love at first sight, but I wouldn’t want it any other way. Fast forward today, somehow, we’ve been through a lot of fights, disagreements and even breaking up (which was entirely my fault) despite all that, we are still deeply in love with each other. The break up was not about cheating, 3rd party issue, he nor am I that type, but I wouldn’t go into details why, but it helped somehow realize how much we love each other and other things as well. I must say that I am a lucky girl to have spend my life with a man who is my soul mate. God truly blesses those who wait, well, no he isn’t my first but after jumping into different relationships I got tired and got sick of it. I stopped looking, and after a few years I met him, it was FATE ♥

   So, advanced Happy 5th Anniversary my love


                            *photo courtesy of google net

    I absolutely can’t wait to spend time with you later.  He say’s we’ll be going to Glorietta, Makati to buy something which I have no clue what it is. Now thinking about it, I’m so excited! I’ve been looking at our pictures and definitely it IS priceless


    This is an old picture, I think 4 years old back when we were college students. I was in 3rd year and he was in 4th year. Using our ASUS phone.

03    A few months ago, at 711 convenience store buying Ice cream to cool off, it was holy week that time and I spent the day with him and met his other relatives on the father side.


      We were playing around the N900 which I got to make a review of and this was the picture quality, buying our food at Galleria, Tokyo tokyo.

27082010021    This photo was captured by the Nokia E72 that I reviewed, using face front feature, not bad. A lot better than the face front feature of the N97 mini. After dinner at Alpha land. Now that we are no longer officemates, I think is okay, we get to spend less time with each other and be our own individuals. One thing I learned is, we are still a couple and eventually, when we do get married or live together, we will be spending most of out time almost everyday.


    So far, this is our very recent picture up to date, using his Nokia C3 phone. Well, I am thankful that even If I did gain some weight, he is very supportive with me loosing the extra, erm “baby” fat. Hahaha!  I still have a long way to go, but with his support I know I can do it. After 5 years, everything got so much better. Here’s to us babe! There are more anniversaries waiting for us, so I’m looking forward to it! For now, let us enjoy our day today and I just want you to know how much I appreciate you ;)


Till then!



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