Monday, November 15, 2010

Contest: Gamehopper T- shirt Design Contest

Non beauty or food related post.. But something exciting!  

Reaching out to gamers and artists out there. For all the techie guys and gals, this contest is for you. Before I reveal what the contest is all about, let me give you an idea what the Company is about.

Gamehopper – is a company where you can rent games for Xbox360 and PlayStation 3. You choose your game via their site, free delivery on your door step, play your chosen game for as long as you want and return the game and get a new one anytime all for as low as P599 per month. All the games you want, and mind you they are all original copies.

On to the contest..

Get a chance to WIN one of these:
High Definition TV
PS3 or X360
Audio Video Receiver

Conditions for Design:
Gamehopper logo must be part of the design
Website address must be part of the design
Shirt must be black
You can make your own slogan for the shirt.
Must be possible to be made for production.
You can use any of the slogans provided by Gamehopper.
--Get Your Games Delivered
--Take them home, or better yet... We bring them to you

Conditions for Submission:
Multiple submissions from 1 contestant is accepted.
All designs that are submitted will be properties of Gamehopper Inc.
Please fill out these details for each submission and send to
Describe your Design:

Conditions for Winning:
The last 3 designs will be chosen by the Gamehopper staff.
1 submission per contestant will be accepted for the final 3.
The last 3 submissions will posted in Facebook for voting. The more votes, the higher chances of winning.
First prize winner will be able to choose one of the prizes. Second prize winner will choose one of the two remaining prizes. Third Prize winner will accept the last remaining prize.
Contestant must be within Metro Manila to claim the prize.

high resolution image can be downloaded here:


Exciting isn’t it? I would love to own a PS3 XD 

Till then!


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