Friday, October 29, 2010

My boys

Happy Weekend to all! My rest day has been pretty boring, but I’m so looking forward for tomorrow’s date with the BF, can’t wait and soo miss him so much. Aside from make-up or food posts, for today will be about my 2 boys. Yes, I’m a mom of 2 naughty boys named Tabby and Piccolo, it was a lazy day and decided to give them a bath, cleaned their litter and litter place, have to make sure it’s disinfected. I bought lysol spray and the liquid cleaner in Lavender.
  Tabby, for some reason every time I put on make up or just simply brush my hair on the dresser keeps blocking my view, so decided to take a picture of it. I was sleeping this afternoon and when I woke up found them both sleeping beside me. The last picture is Piccolo, he has this habit of always sleeping in freshly poured litter, he slept here for 3 hours I think then moved in with me. He’s squeeky clean.
Till then!



  1. Did you know that Lysol's primary ingredient is alcohol? When DH pointed that out, I stopped buying it and stick with alcohol which is cheaper to begin with. Hope this helps!

  2. Do you have a hard time bathing them? I only have a few cats who can tolerate the water. Some are really, really scared of water.

    Aren't cats cute like that? You sleep and when you wake up, they're already beside you. My cats would be on my pillow, by my feet and sometimes on my chest/tummy! I have this cat, Dana, who is super light and loves sleeping on my chest. I'm usually a light sleeper but when I'm very sick, I'm just out of it. I wake up because of the heat coming from her body. Haha! When they were younger naman, they would fight for who gets to sleep beside me. They will push each other then the winner gets to hug me. Sooo sarap when they do that. Parang tao na nakadantay sa iyo. I've slept with 6 cats with me in bed.

    My cats love freshly poured litter too! They make tambay in the litter box or sleep. Cats are weird... I think that's why I like them.

  3. @MrsMartinez: Thanks for the tip, I actually know that, but for their litter pan it needs a better cleaning power because of the stain it leaves sometimes.

    @Lady E: Tabby, is the one harder to give a bath, very challenging since he literally goes crazy. But much calmer when I use warm water.

    Yes they are really adorable, how cute, Tabby used to sleep in my chest but not anymore. awww, isn't that the cutest, super pa cute daw sila sayo, haha. Me wants mommy (haha).

    It's only the catsan brand that Piccolo sleeps on though, other brands he doesn't like. Yes they are so weird but really adorable, I'm fond of cats since I was a kid.


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