Saturday, October 30, 2010

My free Cerealicious and something new


   Hello there readers, hope you’re having a nice weekend. BF and I ate at different places today but I will be posting separate posts for it. For this post, it’s about the New cerealicious cafe at Megamall Ortigas, it was their grand opening and starting from 10am onwards they were giving away a free trailer size of Nutting Hill. How did I know about it? BF was listening one night to the Boy’s night out segment via FM radio and heard about it, he sort of nagged me to check the place out, since the Cerealicious used to be just a kiosk now it’s a small cafe. What’s actually interesting was, aside from just cereals, they have extended their line, offering pasta, sandwiches, and a whole lot more.

   The owners were kind enough to let me take a picture of their new cafe, which was pretty nice and comfy, but rather small. It was okay though. So here’s the free trailer size I got, BF ordered the choco banana milkshake.




DSCN0321                                            Free trailer size: Nutting Hill

   Consists of frozen milk, koko crunch, nuts, marshmallows and chocolate kisses. Personally I hate nuts, but good thing it was a little bit ground to bits and hey it’s free!


DSCN0324    Basically, all flavors for the cerealicious are all the same, what’s new was (for obvious reasons) they added a cafe and ventured out to food as well.  The prices seemed pretty reasonable and looking at one of the customers order (pesto pasta), it smelled really good and looked like they enjoyed their food.

    Here are a few pictures of their cafe menu:


  They serve breakfast too :P


   They serve champorado (rice chocolate), I won’t be posting all of the pictures so that I could leave you with a bit of excitement what to look forward to, all were really interesting to try. I definitely loved BF’s milkshake


DSCN0337     I asked the BF what was the yellow topping, he said it was some sort of banana something (sorry couldn’t remember), but it was really good, you can definitely taste the banana and the chocolate was just right, it wasn’t too sweet but it sure had a creamy texture.  We will definitely go back and I will order this milkshake when we do get a chance to go there again.

    If you’re a fan of cerealicious, do check out their facebook site, refer to picture below. DSCN0348

   I sure had a wonderful cerealicious treat, thanks for the free nom noms. Cerealicious can be found at the ground floor it’s infront the bubble tea cafe’ near the food court, where the skating rink used to be.


Till then!



  1. thanks kate! we surely hope you enjoyed your bowl :)

  2. @Shao: Most welcome, definitely enjoyed it. Though my favorite would still be the K after tomorrow. ^_^

  3. Can't drink milkshake. Lactose intolerant. Boohoo... I miss the skating rink!!!!Huhuhuhu... I spent 7 years of my life there...

  4. @Lady E: I see, so even milk is prohibited right? Yeah, I don't know why they took off the skating rink. Used to skate there with my friends, and I suck at it. haha. I admire skaters, because of the way they move.

  5. Low sales ever since the rink at MOA opened. You skate!!! If you know how to ride a bike, then you can skate. Skate tayo!!! I was a figure skater in all those years. I wasn't in school and I trained every day for competitions. Fast forward to present, every time I would ask MB to skate with me, he chickens out. We never skated together. It's always with my cousins and MB would just watch us from the bleachers. haay... I miss skating...

  6. @Lady E: I see, I only skated once, only rode a bike when I was a kid (then stopped, more of afraid to), when my friends and I skated as soon as we hit the ice in the entrance, all 3 of us fell, sobrang funny moment. WOW naman, I do watch skating shows on TV when I get the chance to, or movies with skating, even watched the news about the lady who "accidently" cut her opponents leg (OUCH).

    At least even if he doesn't skates with you he is still technically with you, hehe.

  7. she's really a bad girl in the skating world. sinira nya lang buhay nya dahil sa inggit.

    well, you're right but it would be more fun if he were skating with me.

  8. @Lady E: Yeah she is, I think I watched it at E news top something a long time ago.

    Oo nga eh, maybe he needs a little bit of convincing. hehe. Ako if there is one thing I won't do with M it's riding a roller coaster. And I don't need convincing when it comes to that. lols!

  9. Amen to that sister. I will never ride a roller coaster din!

  10. @cafe'mobility: haha, you're funny, no not really, it's not milky actually, very subtle taste of milk.

    @Lady E: Yeah, Amen!


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