Sunday, October 03, 2010

Our Anniversary + Tutti Frutti + Arcade


   Hello there my readers, happy weekend to you, hope you’re having a relaxing weekend. After the celebration of our 5th anniversary I’m back to work, but it was totally a stress free date with the BF. Went to Glorietta to have our lunch, but before that I didn’t want to walk all the way to Greenbelt for Red Mango so told the BF I’d try out Tutti Frutti instead since food choices was still closed I had my yogurt fix before having my brunch and I even bought the Medium one, which was pretty big. Tutti Frutti is the one near in food choices, near the Bizu stall.

    I wasn’t able to take a picture of the store outside, but they had really cute pink and blue chairs.

Image1368    Tutti Frutti sells their yogurt by the gram and BF said Red Mango is cheaper, our total bill almost hit P500. The difference between Red Mango and Tutti Frutti is, Tutti Frutti has different kinds of flavored yogurt.

Image1372     l-r: raspberry, coconut, original tart, taro, tutti frutti, choco peanut butter and strawberry banana.


     Of course the BF had his daily fix of choco, the choco peanut butter and he liked it a lot. I had the Original tart of course, yum~ 

      I was really craving for blueberry and I was disappointed with their blue berry, it’s a lot different from Red mango, theirs were like… I can’t describe it. But it had a mild taste of blueberry. Was supposed to choose Mango but it looked sour so I chose Peaches.



    And my BF’s order

Image1370                                                              Choco overload  

    Well, there is a slight difference with the texture of their yogurt. Red Mango has a melt in the mouth experience, but I wasn’t disappointed with tutti frutti’s yogurt flavor. I’m sure there are Tutti frutti fans out there, but after having tasted this, I’m definitely a Red Mango girl.

     We ended up eating at the same place at food choices, so I won’t be posting that anymore. At the end of the day, we went to Timezone and played Guitar freaks, the first time I played a similar game like this (Rock band) was at our friend’s house. We had so much fun, I played the drums and BF the guitar.

Image1375     Image1376

    Most of the time, we play games in consoles, and PC’s, it’s been a loooong time since we played in an arcade. Super fun!

     As for his surprise, out of the blue he said he wanted to have our very first couple ring and so we bought one.


    Well, that’s it for today’s post! Btw, Shakey’s Megamall has the best customer service, BF bought a Shakey’s card for P299 good for 1 year and perks ain’t that bad.

5th anniv                                                              Me and the BF  ♥

Till then!



  1. Tutti Frutti and arcade combo? wow ah, hahaha. the young-at-heart, the juvenile pleasure. :)

    happy anniv to you both. :)

  2. @cafemobility: It was just part of the celebration. Thanks. :)

  3. Grabe, I cringed when I read the PhP500 for 2 yogurts. I still want to buy yogurt at places like Red Mango because I want to know how much my total bill is as opposed to weighing it first and paying my bill with my eyes half close haha

  4. @MrsMartinez: Yeah, that's why I'd prefer Red Mango, parang madaya when you weight it.


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