Sunday, October 31, 2010

Weekend food tripping – Pizza hut’s Ultimate 6 cheese pizza


  For this weekend’s food tripping, BF and I decided to eat at Pizza hut to try out their new Ultimate cheese pizza, we loved Joey Pepperoni’s quattro formaggi, and trying out Pizza hut’s cheese pizza would give us comparison which is better. So we were at Megamall, almost the whole day and this is what we had for lunch.


    We both had pasta, I ordered the Al pesto pasta for P129, this was really good and the bread that came with it was really perfect, perfect for dipping the extra pesto sauce too. And the servings sure was hefty, that I wasn’t able to finish my plate.


   BF’s order, Bolognese with meatballs for also P129, this is what he usually, most of the time, more often than not, what he orders for pasta at Pizza hut, yup, it’s his favorite.


   *Photo courtesy of BF proud2begeek, it seems that I have shaky hands lately, so for the picture I asked the BF to take a picture of it.

DSCN0367                         Ultimate 6 cheese pizza

    I forgot how much this is, but we just ordered the regular sized pizza, for the taste, it was disappointing, it tasted more or like 2 cheese pizza instead of 6, it wasn’t that bad but it was a worth try. Maybe our expectations were high, but then again they said 6 six pizza right? There is definitely room for improvement. Customer service was okay too, our waiter Ches was very attentive, we ordered 2 bottomless ice tea and we didn’t need to raise our hands to ask for our refills.


    I have no idea how much our total bill costs since BF paid for it, all I remember was that there was service charge. Dining experience was pretty okay, we were taking pictures when all of a sudden our waiter offered to take our picture, haha. Really attentive!


   We had a lot of time to kill so we ended up watching RED, Definitely LOVED! the movie. It’s actually based under DC Comics.


      I felt that my day could’ve been better if not only for that “time of month” XD


Till then!




  1. Now Kitten, this is getting a bit weird. Pati ba naman that time of the month pareho tayo????? I think we were kindred souls in one time or another or in another galaxy... we just have so much in common!!!

  2. and I want to watch RED too!!!

  3. @Lady E: Huwat? serious? Now that is freaky weird, I think so too, almost most of the things nga are particularly the same. Grabe ^_^

  4. the pirate that i am.... i will look for some sources.

  5. @cafe'mobility: hmmmm, let me know when you've found one ;)

  6. i wanna try their aglio olio or pesto spag! :D

  7. @[cookiespink]: you should, it's really good!


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