Saturday, November 06, 2010

My first White hat experience

  Happy Friday everyone! I’ve been working for 7 days straight now and I can’t wait for my rest day tomorrow! (happy dance). So I wanted to reward myself for working hard and to pick me up, it has been a dragging week for me lately. My friend at work showed me her new Sophie magazine and I thought it was the same stuff but there were a lot of new items in store for this season. Sophie is like direct selling like AVON but more on clothes, lots of bags and shoes. It’s the store you can see with a big pink SOPHIE Paris sign along Edsa, near Shangrila. I bought 2 new shoes a black one and a purple one, pics will be posted once I get it and I can’t wait. Honestly at first I felt guilty, but then I really need new shoes anyways so what the heck.
    Anyway, enough about it since this is about one of my favorite treats that I’ve been meaning to try out just recently. The White Hat experience, I am happy that they have a small booth in Robinson’s Galleria, Ortigas near the 5th Avenue 3rd floor. Here’s what I bought
DSCN0365     Large size cup, plain yogurt with 2 toppings of diced cheesecake and blueberry, total bill was P155

DSCN0363        I find the large size rather small, and I got bitin for the price I think It was okay, I loved the diced cheese cake. It does taste like cheese cake and has a lemony taste, just the right tartness and sweetness. The blue berries were good too. I saw that they used canned blueberries. While buying, a celebrity (Will Devaughn) passed by and he even bought a White hat too, didn’t hear what was his order though.  I think it would’ve been great for the White Hat if they took a picture of him, holding a cup in his hand. Well I wasn’t able to ask if I could take pictures since I was late yet again for the cut off of the night differential. Darn it! It’s just 5 minutes I know, still every penny matters.
        My White Hat experience was a treat! I seriously love the cheese cake topping and I think it’s one of their signature toppings. I would definitely go back for more. After a weeks hard work, this ended my day with a smile and still wanting more. This definitely doesn’t make me feel guilty since it says 98% FAT FREE! LOLS!

Till my next White hat!



  1. TWH is good but it is still Red Mango for me. The next time you'll have TWH, try Strawberries in syrup topping.

  2. @Justine: I'd have to agree, red mango is my love too. I like TWH's cheese cake that's probably why I'll be going back, haha.

  3. i am so tempted to try it out, but whenever i'm at glorietta(they have a branch there too), the place gets easily full. they only have a few chairs and the place is a bit cramped. maybe yougurts are meant for take-outs?

  4. @Kate: have you tried Yogurt Nation at the Fort? and Qoola at Greenbelt? taste good too.

  5. @cafe'mobility: You should, I notice most yogurt places are really full of people, and I don't get it why they have a few number of chairs. I think so too. Yeah, the one at glorietta is a small place, but you should try it. Though I prefer Red Mango, their yogurt is more tart.

    I haven't tried both actually, it's been a long time since I've been to greenbelt, haha. Not unless Santa would bring me there. :)

  6. @kate: what about Yugurt Nation at the Fort.

  7. @cafe'mobility: No, haven't been there yet. Is it the same with all the other yogurt shops?


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