Saturday, November 06, 2010

Yummy Bagels with cream cheese please?


Quick post.. 

  Bagels, this is one type of food that I would have for breakfast and feel satisfied. I’m glad Country Style has this and the size of the bagel ain’t no joke, it’s quite huge and can definitely fill up the tummy. I had bagel with cream cheese combo with drinks.



    For their drinks, they now have a fresh new look with their cups, pink for the girls and blue for the boys, quite nice actually.


DSCN0327                                         Strawberry Kiwi  

      This is my kind of breakfast, and I would like mine with cream cheese and smoked salmon and dill. Yum~ If I had the chance to visit New york, I’d definitely visit the famous place for Bagels, forgot the name though,  but they say it’s the best for Bagels, was also able to watch it at Lifestyle Network one time.


   How about you? are you a fan of Bagels?


Till then!




  1. Oh, yes. I love bagels. Now you're making me hungry na naman. I haven't had breakfast yet.

  2. @Lady E: A bagel lover too! hehehe.

  3. love the tomato-mozzarella- basil on multigrain bagel from starbucks!! but now they use wholewheat foccacia instead of bagel. :P from country style, i like their ham sandwich (no mayonnaise/ butter) with mustard and catsup! hehe.. the ham & mushroom omelette, sausage w/ toast and spaghetti is also yummy.

  4. @[cookiespink]: Next time I will go to country style cafe, I'm really curious about that spaghetti, good thing, there's a near one at home.


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