Saturday, November 06, 2010

Pampering Haul


    Happy weekend readers! For today’s post I bought some stuff, and I’m very much quite happy about it. It may not be one of the best hauls like make-up and stuff, but for us ladies, when we feel bleh we need that pick me upper right? And so I did, it was both a need and a pick me upper. Here’s what I bought


    Before heading home, I dropped by Watson’s near Dela Rosa Makati, I seriously  needed conditioner and some pampering for the hair. It has been thirsty and dry for the whole week, so I kept my hair tied up or a braid. Oh yes! finally! I was able to buy the lulur asian secrets, thank god the branch at Dela Rosa has this and I bought the small tub just to try it out first. I seriously love the smell and it reminds me of something or someone.


    My very first L’oreal shampoo that I bought was the total repair, then switched to anti frizz and now to this. The texture is different from the anti frizz, it has a creamier texture both shampoo and conditioner, it also smells better compared to the anti frizz which has a very very subtle fragrance.



     I both love these, my hair is now super soft and more manageable, yuck I sound like a commercial don’t I? haha. But in my case, I’ll be applying hair masks at least twice a week. My hair is quite long already and 1 sachet is good for one use only.


     What can I say? I love the smell so much and I keep sniffing my arms, even as I am typing right now. Haha!  Some find the grains mild, but for me, it’s exfoliating enough, I use it for my arms, neck and legs. Will have to see the whitening power for maybe 2 weeks or so.  For the smell, i’d give it 5/5

DSCN0393             Inside the tub, it’s actually really white have poor lighting in the room.


       My total bill at Watsons was around P442.

       I went to Shopwise Makati to buy a few stuff that I forgot to buy and wanted to treat my cats some cat food. I’ve been feeding them sardines for a week I think, and they hoarded their plate like they haven’t eaten for a week. Seriously, they are spoiled. Haha! Here’s what I bought

DSCN0397      Her bench body spray P121.75 and Eskinol classic facial cleanser.

      Seriously, after using this for a week I so swear by it now. My mom has been using this for almost a month now, but I didn’t really bother using it until one day, I didn’t have make-up remover in stoock and had to settle with this. When I woke up, showered, and about to put on my make-up, it gave me a clearer base when putting on make-up. My face didn’t appear so oily and sort of made my skin look clear. And hey it’s cheap and it works. Besides back when I was a teen, I had so many pimples and used this. For a local brand, it definitely works.

      For the her bench body spray, I needed some cologne, since I can’t afford my all time favorite perfume (which is Lancome Miracle) just yet. I can settle with this for now. Smells nice and it’s pink.

     And last is


      I still have some gatsby blotting film in my drawer at work, so I just bought the cheap one. I might be visiting the sick BF tomorrow and I can’t leave the house without this.


     That seemed to be quite a long post, but that’s about it.


    Till then!




  1. Does all blotting papaer works the same way??? I got a CLean & Clear blotting paper sample yesterday and I haven't tried it. Can't wait to open it hehe

  2. @MrsMartinez: The gatsby (black) seems to absorb more oil though and it's my staple. I just needed a cheap one that's why I bought the kleenex.


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