Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Beauty talk: PONDS Compact powder review

  Beauty post…
    I always tell myself that I will let my skin breathe specially on my rest days, but when I have to do the groceries or buy some stuff outside I’d still want to look presentable in front of people. It’s not being vain or anything really, but with the lack of sleep, I sometimes look really haggard (or so I think). Well anyway, enough babbling.
I have this thing to make sure I have powder on my face, one for going out (usual days) and for home (when I have to go to the grocery). So I bought myself a PONDS compact powder and I’m actually impressed.


DSCN1531 DSCN1532 DSCN1536
DSCN1534 DSCN1535
    I know it’s rather hard to see, I’ll try to make a decent post next time.  This would probably be my staple home compact powder. I don’t want to use expensive powder when I just have to stay home or buy something outside

  • gives a decent coverage
  • inexpensive P149.75 at beauty counters
  • has satin finish
  • comes with a decent sponge applicator
  • good for retouching
  • available in 2 shades
  •  not long lasting – but hey since I only use it at home I don’t really mind.
  • the smell can be irritating for others

   Will I buy again? Most definitely, YES!
Really up to you guys if you want to purchase or not, are you the type who buys a different set of powder for going out and for home?
Till then!



  1. FOTD please with this so we can see the coverage. :)

    I go out in my pajamas and my mom wants to kill me LOL! xD Usually I just put moisturizer on my low maintenance days and don't care if I look like hell. :)

  2. i just bought the ivory white (01) and, it is not white at all. judging on your pic, the rosy beige is lighter than the ivory white... i'll try to check tomorrow if there is something wrong with what i bought.

  3. @Anonymous: really? that's weird, I'd always thing ivory white is lighter. The rosy beige suits my complexion. Let me know if there is something wrong or it's just the same?


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