Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Food review: Kenny Rogers - Holiday plate


    Kenny Roger’s came out with the new Holiday plate. Looking at the picture, I was really enticed, which is why I thought of trying it out for yesterday’s dinner. I didn’t see how much it would cost, since they did not indicate any price in the billboard nor in the poster.

DSCN0469 DSCN0470   The meal consists of a waldorf salad, roasted chicken BBQ, java rice , corn muffin and BBQ sauce. I ordered ice tea and total bill was P225.

DSCN0471     Everything was cold, well not really cold but it seems like it has been sitting there for a very long time. Well, I wouldn’t blame them since I came in the restaurant almost closing time after having my hair cut at David’s Salon.

    I like the java rice, nothing spectacular but it’s not that bad. The chicken has a mild taste of smokey BBQ flavor. I think the sauce that came with it is the one they marinated it with the chicken. Which was okay. Corn muffin was as usual good, tasted buttery. Now about the Waldorf salad, it was bleh~ I hate red apples, it tastes gritty and sandy. The lettuce didn’t look fresh either since there brown ends of the vegetables, mostly all of them. I would be very disappointed if they served me that kind of quality during the day, so for now I will let it pass. Well, not like I am going to order this again.

    It’s worth trying out, but not something I would look forward to eating it again.


My verdict: 2.9/5 spoons

I’d definitely eat there again, just not this one.


Till then!




  1. And my favorite pa naman is waldorf salad! tapos they put bbq chicken and java rice pa! *drool* tapos pangit quality? sayang naman!

  2. Considering all the hype around this Holiday offering, I guess it doesn't live up to all the talk! Better to stick to Kenny's regular offerings - especially the sandwiches!

    Oh, and in response to the comment you left on my blog, I had the sticky date pudding at the Persia Grill branch at the Valero Carpark in Salcedo Village.

    (Hope you don't mind me linking back to your blog!)

  3. why do they call it Waldorf salad, does it have something to do with Waldorf Astoria hotel menu?

  4. @Lady E: Maybe because kasi late ako nakarating. But ever since I'm not a fan of waldorf salad talaga.

    @Midge: true, very true. Yeah, their sandwiches are good, I loved the smoked salmon with cream cheese.

    I see, thanks. I found a nearer branch which is in Ecoplaza and Megamall, will definitely try that out.

    Sure will do. ^_^

    @John: lol! I have no idea, hehe. Tanong natin si Lady E.

  5. i love their cheeseburgers (sans mayonnaise), fries and the grilled tomato-mozzarella- pesto sandwich.

  6. @[cookiespink]: thanks for the recommendation, will try that next time.


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