Thursday, December 02, 2010

Food review: Piadina – dinner date


   Food review…

      We were supposedly to try out the Lechon Pizza at Pizza hut, but sadly, it was out of stock and it was only around 8PM. It was disappointing, the waitress told us that it was their best seller, so we opted to go somewhere else. We found Piadina at the 2nd floor of Robinson’s Galleria. It wasn’t our first time to eat here, but it seems the better choice at that time. Here’s a look of the ambiance




DSCN0514                          The BF playing with his new toy (Samsung digi cam)

   It was an open space area, just wished it had comfy couches.


    Food we ordered:

     For appetizer we had the Grissini – bread sticks with cheese dip

DSCN0493                                                                  P140


DSCN0494                                                                   the dip 

      For this order, we both rated it 4/5 spoons. It was really good! the cheese was not overpowering nor the umay kind. It was M who chose this and we sure weren’t disappointed. The bread was crunchy, good for sharing.

DSCN0499                                 Pizza – Quattro Formagi P350


    M and I loved Joey Pepperoni’s quattro formagi and we had to compare it with Piadina. This is waay different, Piadina’s formagi was not cheddary, but the cheese was very light and creamy (creamy light). This was a winner for our taste, we both rated it 4.5/spoons. We weren’t able to finish it, so I had them wrapped which will be my food for work tonight.


   I didn’t like their chili oil though, it tasted like the kind they use on siomai’s, so I skipped the chili oil and ate it as is.

On to pasta…

DSCN0505                                                     San Giorgino P180


   This was my order, there are 3 kinds of pasta dishes; meat, veggies and seafood. Because I was craving for salad, I went with the veggie pasta. The servings was big. The San Giorgino had tomatoes, fresh sun dried tomatoes and mozzarella, really yummy. Maybe a hint of lemon or olive oil and a little more garlic would definitely make this even yummier, to have a contrast of taste so to speak. But regardless, I enjoyed my order.

DSCN0504                                                        Bolognese P200

     M ordered this, it wasn’t in the menu but they said they can make one. Well, M is not into Italian pasta’s since it has a thin base. He likes a thick sauce (yung tipong kumakapit sa noodles), I don’t know how this tasted like, but he gave it a 2/5 spoons. That’s him, hehehe..

     Lastly, we had bottomless ice tea’s, and I was really happy about it because it was always refilled and cold. But that’s because there were only a few diners that ate at that time.

DSCN0503                                                       Regular Ice tea P70

   Here’s the chili oil I was talking about earlier



   Overall, the BF and I enjoyed our dinner, the pizza was good, the grisini and my veggie pasta. Total bill cost us P1,100~ we were definitely surprised, it was like we ate at a posh restaurant already (well almost). But it was because of the VAT.

My verdict: 4/5 spoons I definitely recommend the Grissini and the Formagi pizza.

Oh, and here’s a picture of us with my new hair cut, I just added some bangs and a simple layer


Till then!




  1. I like Piadina and their pasta and pizza. Your post just made me crave for Italian. :P You two look cute together. :)

  2. @Pammy: true, I'm craving for the pasta again right now. haha. Aww, thanks Ms. Pammy :)

  3. i like the gamberoni at piadina! ang mahal nga ng bill nyo! nagulat din ako.

  4. katey, how does Piadina's pizza fare with Amici.

  5. @Lady E: I know, na shock kami pareho. I'll try the gamberoni next time.

    @john: I haven't tried eating at Amici, but at Piadina it fairs well enough. I enjoyed my food specially my pasta. Prices are reasonable it's just the tax or I think the waitress gave us a lame excuse when we asked about our bill.

  6. huh? they taxed you? isn't VAT enough to make us 'manggagawa' frail? i know of restaurants pudding service charge up to 12% but taxing your food? di ba dapat kasama na sa price structuring yun? kase yung acquisition cost nila sa raw mat also includes tax as well?

  7. I threw the bill na kasi this morning sa sobrang inis, pero from what I remember yeah, total cost ng food plus VAT, then hindi na sama yung isang order so gumawa ng bagong bill for that plus VAT na naman!!!! Pero when we ate at the Robinsons Manila branch iba rin ang bill, it was reasonable. I don't know with this branch. We will eat there again and this time investigate.

  8. @John Ray: It depends on the pizza that you order. Some pizzas are about the same with Amici. Amici's pizzas have more toppings while Piadina tries to concentrate on healthy passion food thus the limited toppings. Amici is more sulit

    @Kitten: I'm a stickler when it comes to receipts and taxes so I review the bill thoroughly. The same thing happened to us at Max's Greenbelt. We are regular customers there and this one time, the bill was about 200 pesos more than usual so I asked why the prices on the receipt are different than the ones on the menu. Nagtaas daw sila ng price. I told them then you should change the menu. The week after that and until now, the prices haven't changed at all. May hocus pocus na ginawa ung staff. Buti na lang bagong staff na ung nandun ngayon. i was too tired to argue that day. Karma na nila un.

  9. @[cookiespink]: yup! i love pasta too!


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