Friday, December 03, 2010

Tech talk: Samsung ES30 vs. NIKON L21 – Comparison


     BF bought a new toy, a Samsung ES30 and now he can finally blog with decent photos and videos, and with that we sort of made comparisons with his Samsung ES30 and with my NIKON L21. My camera only has 8MP, his has 12MP. Here are the photos taken with my recent food review at Piadina.

comparison                     l-r: Samsung ES30, NIKON L21

e630 vs L21                    l-r: Samsung ES30, NIKON L21

comparison2                    l-r: NIKON L21, Samsung ES30 

What I can say with our camera’s?

     It both has strong points and weak points, but regardless, It really depends on what you need for a camera. I like the beauty shot that Samsung exclusively has and the slightly wide angle it has compared to mine. As for my needs (in my camera), I like to see detail in my photos and crisp results.  M always say’s it’s a battle now who has the better photos, haha~

Just in case you’re wondering what’s the difference with his camera, here’s a snippet…

Samsung ES30

Total Megapixel        12 Megapixels

Max Resolution         4000 x 3000

Optical Zoom                 5x zoom

Digital Zoom                  5x zoom

Display LCD size          3.0” LCD

Dimensions                   3.76 x 2.43 x 0.9 in (96 x 62 x 23 mm)

Image Stabilizer           Digital

Connectivity                USB (2.0), AV connector

Price                           Php 4,990


For complete review and unboxing head on over to BF’s blog


Till then!




  1. bakit ganun ung mga phone cam no? ang dilim ng kuha. even with my phone kahit iadjust ko ung settings, madilim talaga.

  2. i have extensively used Samsung ST500. my choices at that time were Samsung ST550 and Samsung ST500. i settled down for the ST500 despire of a smaller LCD screen because the electronics rule of thumb always prevail that larger screen mean weaker battery life.

    Samsung ST500 has a lot of settings. Beauty Shot is just one of them, however that will require ample light and a extremely steady hand. night shots turned out a bit grainy and sometimes magical orbs appear. :) one can get good shot though using the Smart Shot feature.

    other rafts of features i love about Samsung ST500 were:

    1) Schneider lens
    2) touchscreen
    3) integrated accelerometer so one can navigate the galleries by just mere gestures
    4) sleek
    5) beauty shot feature

  3. @Lady E: hindi phone camera gamit namin sa madilim na images, that's M's digital camera Samsung ES30.

    As for phone camera's yes, madilim, teka diba your phone is the E71? Ok camera nun ah? my mom bought the same model as yours, now I am totall inggit to the max, kainis!

    @John: bf'S camera runs on a double AA battery and his looks sleeker than mine.

    In the future I want a camera with a lot of settings but still a digital camera as I want a handy camera to tote around everywhere

  4. hindi ko talaga maadjust ng maayos ung settings ng phone ko. huhuhuh

  5. @katey: i noticed ES30 and ST500 differences were:

    1) ES30-Samsung Zoom lens; ST500-Schneider lens
    2) ES30-presence of buttons; ST500-touchscreen
    3) ES30-AA batteries; ST500-Li-Ion

    good thing with ST500 compared to other camera is that you need not take the battery out and charge it to a different charging dock. you simply hook up a USB cable and it charges instanteously while you sync pics into your pc.

    other than that, by software virtue, both ES30 and ST500 were just the same.

  6. besides, dSLRs are guard magnets. some malls would ask you to acquire permit if you shot inside their premises. they will just let it slip if you're using a phonecam or a P&S cam.

  7. @john: well of course yours is high end obviously, our argument about li- Ion batteries is that, we are always out (most of the time) and what if we run out of batteries, wala namang replacement for Li-Ion eh, in case for some reason masira battery, you can't have it replaced or mahirap. In the end, yes it would be nice to have a sleeker digital camera with better setting, but that would have to wait for now.

    As for DSLR's true and it' heavy, you can't bring that anywhere. Hassle pa yung mga scenarios na ganun.

  8. @katey: i have a feeling that you don't lug around a laptop everytime you're on the go? :) because lugging around a laptop will give you an opportunity to charge your devices via your laptop. the disadvantage is that it will absorb all the power juice of your laptop naman. kinda defeats the mobile purpose of it.

    but we have the same thing in mind, we want our camera compact and handy, so we can pick it up from our bags once a beautiful subject(like you) and an event(like you and your DB) is worth a memento. :)

  9. @LadyE; what happened to your phone.

  10. @katey: and oh, mine is not high-end. hehehe. trust me, i'm so kuripot when it comes to gadgets, but i spend so much on food. i bought mine from a friend sealed and brand new for just Php8k, while the retail price in the Philippines is still at Php15k. :)

  11. @john: i don't have my own laptop yet, but if i do, i may bring it everyday as i do not trust the people at home. More of a safety assurance instead of charging other gadgets.

    Oh I thought it is, oo nga I remembered our chat a few weeks ago. That's a good steal ha?

    Some people are so weird, what's so weird about people taking pictures of food? there was one table who kept looking at us at Piadina.

  12. maybe those people are hypothesizing if you're a lifestyle writer or a food reviewer/blogger. maybe they're trying to play guessing game as to which magazine or publication you work. :)

  13. @john: haha, i don't know with them.


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