Friday, December 24, 2010

Packing up for our first travel: Tagaytay


   Hello readers, I’m back! If there’s one thing I love about traveling, it’s buying the toiletries and packing my bag. Since it was just a 3 day vacation, I managed to have bag only. I’m sure packing for you is a no brainer already, I’d just want to share the things I brought with me.

DSCN1157 DSCN1158 DSCN1159 DSCN1160 DSCN1165

DSCN1162  DSCN1161

   I decided to buy sachets instead of buying travel bottles, it’s much more convenient. Just bought basic stuff. Below is the make-up I brought with me

DSCN1320                                   I soo love the lipgloss my friend E gave me.

    All packed up in this bag


    We went to tagaytay with just one bag each, plus my hand bag, got back to manila with more than 2 bag because of the goodies we brought, haha. Now we both wished that the BF has a car. It’s a bit of a hassle traveling back (commuting) with lots of plastic bags on hand.

   Will be posting my tagaytay trip as soon as I can, I haven’t finished uploading my pictures which is taking forever, but I can’t wait to share them with you :)


  Traveling tips? For packing, I think we all have our own tricks when it comes to that, the only thing I can say is that, brings lots of cash for souveneirs and goodies, haha! Most of our budget was consumed going to different sites, but it was all worth it.


What are you excited about when traveling?


Till then!




  1. hooray for sachets! and you can just throw them in the bin afterwards! more space for pasalubong!

  2. i'm also a sachet person when i'm on a trip, because they're so light and you can jump dump them away after use.

  3. @Lady E and John: true, space saver!


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