Friday, December 24, 2010

Tech talk: JVC Gumy headset


  Quick post..

   My Nokia head set gave up on me a few weeks ago, so I thought of buying a new one, but had to consult friend’s recommendation when it comes to these things. Of course brands like Senheisser and Bose was recommended but of course it was  too pricey for my budget. Then came  JVC (thanks to Nicoy), and then came the Gumy headsets with different yummy colors.

   My friend Edwin said when looking for the best performance for headsets, you should look into the Hertz, 16Hz –  20,000 Hz. I forgot the explanation behind that, but the JVC Gumy I bought has this. Performance wise, really good, love the color, price? the pink one wasn’t available at Data Blitz, but they sell gumies for P495. But of course, I didn’t want to settle for something less, so we were told to go to the electronics boutique. Oh by the way, we went to Park square Makati for the gumy headset. Electronics Boutique sell their gumy for P790, but they had stocks of the pink ones.





DSCN1464         basic 3.5 mm jack – perfect for my phone, compatible with IPOD too



   Maybe next time I’ll buy the red, and the white one XD I can’t live without music, specially when travelling and working.


   Anyway, I’m back in Manila, Merry Christmas guys! :)

*sidenote: thanks to I am Bourgeouis for choosing me as your prize 1 winner


Till then!




  1. is considering not joining raffle contests that you are joining. Kidding. :) Congrats on the win.

  2. @salmoncat: aww :( dont worry this will be the last contest I am joining

  3. wow... it's a bang for the buck headset. reasoin why i am so concerned about buying good headset brand is that some rubber wires kase lulutong habang tumatagal.

  4. @John: yes it is, I'd want that too but unreasonable for me right now.


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