Thursday, December 16, 2010

Taking my mind off things, little bit of shopping (make-up haul), ranting and the kitty cat.


   Good morning everyone, it seems that it’s been really hot lately (oh and sorry for being MIA lately too). The Holidays are here for sure, I was out yesterday to buy a few things and went to Makati – Landmark, SM Makati, Glorietta and Shopwise, man, there were sure a lot of people at Landmark doing their Christmas shopping, and the line at Shopwise was pretty long too and it was only around 3pm. I wanted to take my mind off things, that’s why I decided to go to the mall yesterday.

    I am so disappointed that the 13th month would be released at a later date, oh well so much for anticipating my shopping, and to add it up looks like our food for Tagaytay would be on budget. It’s my fault too since I was too reliant (since the HR announced) that they will release the 13th month either 2 days BEFORE or 2 DAYS after the payday. Well, until now there is still no word from them yet, and some say that it will be released on the freakin’ 23rd!! Now that sucks MAJOR! Oh well, I guess what’s important is that I get a vacation with my love, looks like we’ll be eating jollibee for 3 days, haha!

   Anyway, sorry for babbling too much and ranting out.

  I wanted to see If I could buy dress and shoes, turned out with the limited budget I have, I just bought a nice decent pair of shoes for the parties I will be attending and also a few important make-up that I need. As I went to Maybelline in Landmark, the counter was sure crowded because of the sale, it was pretty sweet but sadly, couldn’t hoard as much as I wanted to. Here’s what I bought.

DSCN1055            Maybelline eye and lip remover P99 down to P79.25

DSCN1064                      Maybelline felt tip liner P399 down to P279.30






DSCN1057    Yes, you saw that right NYX eyebrow pencil. Normally, you can buy it online via carefree and at digital traincase. And I was surprised to see a store down Glorietta 4 that sells NYX Cosmetics, how convenient right? At least you can watch the lippies that you want and be sure it matches your shade. The SA’s we’re actually nice and not snooty at all, considering the items that they were selling were pretty pricey. The store can be found – when you go down Glorietta 4 at Bizu, there’s an escalator going down, then you can see Italianni’s, Jipan and Cheesecake and etc, before you turn left going to SM Makati 2nd floor, there’s a store named Splendid Beauty Shop. That’s where you can find NYX cosmetics. You can imagine that my eyes literally lit up when I saw the NYX poster, haha.




   Here are swatches:

swatch nyx and liner            l-r: NYX eyebrow pencil in brown, Maybelline felt tip liner


   And the shoes…


                                                  Chelsea shoes at P699

   I am not that wild or experimental when it comes to shoes (even fashion). I go for basics and especially flats. Though, I was lemming on wedges but couldn’t put my heart to the wedges I saw at Landmark and at SM. The shoes I bought feels sturdy enough, quality pretty okay. I loved the detail…


   Aside from these, I also bought cat supplies for the kitties. Tabby now is super hyper, he’s definitely fully recovered now, haha. Gave him a bath too and he’s now super clean. As I am typing right now, he’s behind the laptop, he likes it warm I guess, haha.

DSCN1073                                                                   with flash


DSCN1076                                             Good morning hoomins – hehe (no flash)


   Will make reviews regarding the eye brow pencil and felt tip liner soon.


  Till then!




  1. Great hall! :) I haven't been going to the malls lately as I am afraid of:
    1. Traffic
    2. Crazy throngs of mad shoppers LOL! joke lang. :)

    Good morning!

  2. @sugar sugar: hi there, thanks, First off, I think your blog has virus or something (malware), I can't seem to view your posts :(

    I guess, if you go really early like opening time less people. Yes, traffic is crazy these days, gaah!

  3. Yes, sugar. I can't view your posts either. = (

    I love your shoes Kitten!!! I want! And this is looong overdue. The cat litter is Feline fresh. It's been 2 weeks and the litter boxes are still more than half full. That's what they use at Cara too.

  4. @katey: i can open sugar's blog. anyway, it's good that tabby had fully recovered.

    can't you make "bale"(cash advance) with your HR some amount just to fend off your trip? hahahaha....

    well, just some tips, if your company is giving out xmas goodies, maybe you can bring some of them during the trip, less gastos pa.

    sa dami na cguro ng make up that you have accummulated, you can even estbalish your own cosmetic boutique.

  5. @Lady E: ikaw rin? ako rin eh, laging malware lumalabas. Thanks, simple lang naman. Hindi siya masakit sa likod. Ah talaga? thanks E! sige ccheck ko yan next time. Sa landmark yan right?

    @john: you can? kami ni e can't eh.
    Yes he is, super kulit na, pasaway na naman.

    Nakuu, I doubt I can do that, strict ang mga boss sa HK. Christmas goodies? I think they don't eh. Not too sure. Hahaha, thanks, bahala na.

    Haha, pwede rin, just couldn't resist buying yesterday, haha.

  6. Kitten & Lady E - I removed the link that has malware I think. :/ I'll try to fix it. I hope you ladies can also visit my blog. ;)

  7. It just sucks when the management tells you that you're getting your 13th month pay only to dangle it in front of you like a tantalizing carrot on a stick. (I used to work for a company that did just that. They've closed up since then.)

    And Tabby's such a handsome cat! :3

  8. Cute ni Tabby. And the shoes.

    The company my brother works for will be giving their 13th month and bonus on the 24th. Para me pumasok on that day. Ayos di ba?


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