Saturday, January 08, 2011

Good find: Fit ‘n right – in a bigger can


    Quick post…

        We are all familiar with Del Monte’s fit and right fruit cocktail right? I found a a big can at Shopwise Makati, for only P68.50, I don’t know but I think it’s pretty affordable and the good thing it’s not bitin and only 40 calories. Now time to hoard on these next time and have these as my snack for work and at home.


   The small cup costs P24 pesos something if you buy it on the supermarket, but in convenience stores it sells for P34 pesos something. Definitely happy about this buy, at least I could snack on something healthy at work every time.

    This year is different, I’ve set my priorities not only because it’s my resolution for 2011, but because I want permanent change, erm and because I have a few weddings to attend to, haha!


   Till then!



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