Sunday, January 16, 2011

Food review: Kimono Ken at MOA


Food review…

    Being in MOA (SM Mall of asia), there are quite a lot of food choices to choose from. BF and I had 2 options, Italian and Japanese. We saw the Sakae sushi buffet, it looked tempting, BF was almost too tempted to try it out, what made it fun was the conveyer belt I suppose, but I said if we could look around to have more options. Then we came across Kimono Ken, I got hooked when I saw the Mayo asparagus pasta, and so we did.

    It has a nice quaint ambiance, and good that they have a washroom inside the restaurant. The prices seemed relatively affordable too. Here’s what we had.

DSCN1710 DSCN1712

DSCN1713                           Shake Sashimi (salmon) P200

DSCN1715                                 Sushi Moriawase P300


                            BF’s order – Gyudon P200

DSCN1717             My order – Aparagus mayo spaghetti P190


DSCN1719                         Beef Terriyaki P200 


       First of all, let me tell you about their service, the crew was pretty fast and we didn’t have to wait for more than 5mins for both the sushi’s to arrive, then around 3mins our main course arrived. We just had their house water since they didn’t have bottomless ice tea.

     The salmon sushi was scrumptious, as well as the sushi moriawase. I did not, nor will EVER try the unagi (sea urchin EVER in my life), but BF was very adventurous to try it. I was laughing the whole time he was trying to chew it, his face did not look so pleasant at all and then he says “I will never try that ever again!” ( I was laughing my ass off), haha! I just said, “see I told you it’s gross, haha! no offense to those who eat this stuff though, sorry. The moriawase came with a free miso soup but BF was not impressed, it tasted bland as he describes.

       He loved his Gyudon beef and just looking at it, it does look delicious. all pure beef no fatty parts included. I was actually curious and he is right, it was yummy, definitely a recommend in the restaurant. On to my pasta, it was really yummy, the taste of the mayo was a little bit strong, but it had that unique twist for a pasta. Very creamy, huge chunks of bacon and I’m pretty sure fattening because of the mayonnaise, still it’s good.

     The beef terriyaki had the least impression. All our main courses arrived HOT! but this one seemed to be warm, it also tasted bland. We hardly touched this and we still had a few sushi’s left for take-out, which I will be giving to my 2 boys, since it’s Piccolo’s birthday yesterday. He just turned 2 years old.

    Food was good, the place was jam packed too, service was fast and overall we spent P1148.28 including SC 6.0% Not bad I say.


   I definitely recommend this place to all the japanese foodies out there.


  Till then!




  1. nagKimono din kayo dito? :)

    i wasn't able to dine in here because i used to have this notion of this resto to be justa glorified Teriyaki Boy.

  2. @John: yup, hmm, hindi naman, but there are some menu choices that seemed similar to teriyaki boy though, i don't mind.

  3. I love Unagi (it's eel. Sea urchin's uni.). Had unagi rice toppings there last time. I think it was Unagidon. And a tofu dish.

  4. tsk, tsk, tsk. miso soup is very basic in Japanese cuisine and a Japanese restaurant should perfect that. I think that's my gauge whenever I eat at a Japanese resto. Hmmm... parang gusto ko tuloy gumawa ng miso soup!

    That is quite affordable! Ang dami nyong order tapos mura lang!

    Happy Birthday Piccolo!!! Hugzzzz! Pisat-pisat! Haha!

  5. @salmoncat: oopps, I stand corrected then. It's the sea urchin, i love uni too. Will try that next time, thanks for the reco

    @Lady E: I'd have to agree, sa suzukin masarap miso soup nila.

    hahaha, pisat pisat talaga ha? thanks


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