Sunday, January 16, 2011

While waiting for the movie start


     Non- beauty related post…

     Hey there people, hope you’re weekend is doing fine. As for me, the usual stuff with work, but the whole morning till afternoon spent some quality time with the BF. As we arrived in MOA (Mall of asia), we first bought tickets to Tron legacy in the IMAX theater (which by the way is our first time to spend that much for a movie). I’ll be posting about it tomorrow since most of our pictures are with the BF. Anyway, while waiting for our movie to start we had a few drinks and snacks at starbucks.

DSCN1700                           My order – oreo cheese cake P110

     I loved every bit of the cake, it was velvety smooth and does taste like cheesecake. Of course for the price, I expect a lot, my only complaint, the serving was too small.

DSCN1705                                          Mango passion fruit

    This was my drink, and I’d have to say that I didn’t like it that much. Maybe I just don’t like the passion fruit taste, haha. I’m no hypocrite when it comes to my diet now, I originally wanted to order the mocha praline frappuccino but then changed my mind.

DSCN1702                          BF’s order – as usual chocolate cake

    The cake was just okay, BF liked it. I’m not really into chocolate cake, but I love chocolate mousse cake. And of course his usual order of choco chip frappuccino


     Overall, we spent P400+ for both our orders. I don’t get it why some people are so snooty and buts into other people’s business when you’re inside that cafe. And I don’t get it why people just stare at you every time I take pictures of what I eat or buy. I mean seriously? haha!

      Anyway, I will be posting my Tron legacy review tomorrow.


   Till then!




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