Thursday, June 23, 2011

Game loving for Android users


   Technology has come a long way at this age,  when mobile phones were just used to call, then the texting feature came out, plus a lot of add on features like FM radio and etc. The famous Symbian OS (Operating system) is what we’re all familiar with (Nokia a phones). Jump start to today, mobile phones are becoming versatile because of the Android, which has a large community of developers making applications that extend the functionality of the devices. Which is why apps are a big thing right now.

     M’s company, Komikasi Enterprises are currently making apps (games) for Android users.

   What the game is about?

         The basic premise is that you are an aspiring drama actress and that the goal is to slowly rise through the ranks facing famous people and legendary actresses (local actresses)

       Here’s a video of me testing the beta version, of course it’s still needs some tweaking. But this is just a snippet

watch here. I’m having problem’s inserting the video with Windows Live, just click the watch here link provided. Thank you~


    Till then!






  1. pambabae ata to teh, wala bang game na pangmatinee? matineek ang matibay?

  2. @john: haha, yeah. pero kung gusto mo manampal dito mo ilabas. Naka ishield ka naman diba? hehe.

    they have another game their working on.

  3. sampal tapos sabay sabing "you're nothing but a second rate, trying hard copy cat." ooooh di ba?

  4. @john: basta, secret pa eh, mas maganda daw ang bagong gawa.


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