Thursday, January 13, 2011

A one of a kind Gaming Proposal


  Hello my readers, hope you are all doing fine. I just wanted to share a real tear jerker. Our friend finally proposed to his GF just last week (January 8). They’ve been together quite long enough, they’re actually one quirky couple. When we went to Tagaytay, it was my first time to get to spend more time with his lovely Fiance’ Joy Lyn. She’s a baker and with quite a talent too! Definitely when the BF and I get married soon, I’d definitely ask her to do our cake.

   Well anyway, I just wanted to share this one of a kind proposal our friend made for his girl. At first I was like, a gaming proposal? how? but eventually it all fell into place and found myself crying the whole time I was watching it. It was really sweet. Cheers to you Ed and Joy~


    Just in case you are curious about the game, my BF’s company Komikasi  created the game. Visit their site to try out the game.


   Proposals are sooo romantic, still can’t get over this. haha~

If any of you guys plan to make a game proposal to your lovely GF’s, Komikasi is the one to contact ^_^


  Till then!




  1. NO FAIR! :P

    It's 9am and I'm crying like silly here in the kitchen. Cute concept, lucky girl! :)

    Oh and like you, I'm a sucker for personalized proposals too!

  2. @Phoebe Ann: ahaha, too early too be crying, but yeah it was so sweet, add the fact she was totally clueless about the whole thing.


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