Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Lady E’s: Perfume giveaway


    Perfumes… It’s an accessory, and I can’t live without perfumes or body spray’s. I always want to smell good. So when lady e posted another giveaway, here’s pushing my luck in winning her birthday giveaway.

     Here’s what’s up for grabs

l'eau par kenzo, by bitsandtreats[5]                                                 L’eau Par Kenzo for Men

be givenchy, by bitsandtreats[5]                                          Be Givenchy For Women


     As for her question: What perfume are you planning to buy for you (and/or your man) this summer and why?

     For myself, I still have my Burberry Summer but if it runs out when summer arrives, I’d prefer body sprays or something light. I expect we would have another awful summer, when it comes to temperature that is, so I would buy my all time favorite bench so in love body spray~ LOTS of it!

     For my man, for some reason, I just love the smell of old spice body spray on him. It smells so manly, I love it! and just because I find it sexy~


  To check out lady e’s giveaway click the link here, contest runs until Feb 27 midnight


   Till then!



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