Sunday, August 26, 2012

Slipping down–Moving up




There is something about a still candle light, where some may say it is dark or mourning, for me it is a sign of hope~

Photo credit: Kate Navasero


A lot of people are enamored in this kind of “blogosphere world”. I too got addicted and found myself writing about every product I bought or food I ate. But for me it was not about showing off, (I’m not generalizing about the other percent of bloggers out there) but because I simply wanted to write.

Too many times I have failed to blog, and too many times when I find myself writing I start off with an apology for my lack of posts. I vow to myself to stop apologizing, because there is nothing to be sorry about anyway.

For the past few months with me and my ex – BF of almost 7 years breaking up, I was devastated and depressed. First few weeks to a month was horrible for me, I thought I couldn’t get over it. Thankfully, with wonderful people around me, my sister, her best friend, Lady E and Cafemobility they were my light during my “dark moment”.

But most of the credit goes to the Lord, like any breaking heart / person they turn to the Lord more than they have before. My absence for “writing” was because of this unfortunate event, I found myself unmotivated and couldn’t find anything to write about. The real reason was not only just about my pain, I was simply tired of writing about the same thing most beauty or random bloggers write about. I craved for something more, something different, and something that will help me improve myself in being a better writer.

I guess I’m still pretty much searching for what to write about, but in the mean time just letting my faithful readers (if any) know that I am still around, to hopefully bring new content in my very random blog. Don’t get me wrong, I still love make-up and skin care. I even bought something that was a bit of a splurge for me :P

I’ll just leave you with photos for you to see




Till next time!





  1. Blogging is like your virtual diary and I love blogging for the heck of writing and sharing my personal stuff too. I hope you get over this depressing situation. God has someone better in store for you and I hope you figure out your ultimate inspiration to blog soon :)

  2. Hello Lou, thanks for commenting. Thank you for the kind words, I'm pretty sure too that God has something better :)

  3. Hi dear, this is Kari. I do see your updates on Twitter and deduced what happened; I hope you are all right. I'm very happy that you're rediscovering your faith :) One thing that I keep hearing is this: suffering exists, but it is through suffering that we find God and realize how mighty He is, how He never leaves us. Nothing is impossible through Him.

    P.S. I first started my blog while recovering from a breakup. Writing will be good for you; find inspiration in your struggles and you'll get back on track. :)

    P.P.S. Listen to "Steady My Heart" by Kari Jobe :) Just listened to it today, it's nice! Na kapangalan ko siya is just a plus hihi :)

  4. Hi Kari, it's been a while, thanks for commenting. I'm alright, much better than before thanks for asking. I sincerely appreciate it :) Yes, I'm pretty much rediscovering and learning, which was probably my mistake before. I got too caught up in the "fast paced world" so to speak.

    I didn't know about that, thanks for sharing. Yup, I know eventually I will be :)

    Currently listening to it, thank you so much and I love the song too! Oo nga, you have the same name, cool! :D

  5. Piolo Jose PascualAugust 28, 2012 at 8:23 PM

    i actually felt the same way when my ex gf got married, and all hopes of getting back was lost. it was devastating, it was like my heart is carrying a thousand megaton bomb. ang sakit talaga, sobra. if not because of the two kittens in my life, i wouldn't have been able to rise up and dust off my sleeve and say, well, this is not detrimental and lessening to my desirability quotient. that's the spirit.

  6. @554d7ac3d0bb41e88782538aca96660d:disqus

    Like all heart breaks, it is indeed painful. You seem lost at first, but then we get up but it takes time. Thankfully for friends who help you get by. True, it doesn't lessen anything but teaches us a lesson. Cheers to more positive vibes for us! :)


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