Monday, December 06, 2010

Yummy find + food review: 7/11 Veggie bread


   Happy Monday everyone! Well for most that is, usually we have the Monday hang overs, as for me will be going to work later tonight (just came from my rest day) and tomorrow is my rest day again! WOOOT!

    Anyway, I want to share with you a yummy find that I discovered last week.


   7/11’s Veggie bread! At first, I thought the veggies were carrots and malunggay, but I was definitely surprised. Without having to look at the ingredients first, I took a taste and it tasted like Italian bread. Actually, it was my friend who bought this and shared it with me, we were both surprised actually.


   You can definitely taste Italian seasoning and somehow it sort of reminds me of a foccacia bread. Definitely a good find! 

   In conlusion…


  •  Inexpensive – P18.00 for 2 pieces
  • Healthy
  • available in all 7/11 convenience stores


  •   expiry date is just 2 or 3 days max

    My Verdict: 5/5 spoons

  What’s your good find for the week?


  Till then!




  1. oh.. sana it's made of wheat nalang din :P

  2. @[cookiespink]: haha, well, it's good naman. but yeah, same sentiments here.

  3. gotta try that. i see my officemate buying that one always. they said that the raisin bread in 7-11 is also good.

  4. @[cookiespink]: try it, it's really good. I'll try the raisin next time

  5. tried their carrot-raisin bread like a month ago. twas yummy!


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