Sunday, June 19, 2011

Random weekend date~


   Hey everyone, this Sunday has got to be the perfect weather for me. Just home the whole day and it’s gloomy and rainy. My kind of weather, M hates it though. Anyway, yesterday I spent the whole day with my M at his place. One of our agenda’s is to have a movie marathon. So we watched Somewhere In Time (finally) and the first Xmen movie. We had breakfast at Jollibee and we tried their new flavored fries, four cheese.


                                                               Large P53

     It was nice, aside from their regular fries, we can now order flavored fries. Next time were trying the Sour cream. And as usual for breakfast we always have the longganisa meal. I love their longganisa, the Fat and thin breakfast sausage tastes similar to Jollibee’s longganisa.


                                               covered in hot sauce - yum~

   We just spent the whole day at his house watching movies and playing Mortal Kombat in his PS3. He asked me if he should play at his 100% best, of course being competitive I said hell yeah! hehe. I won the best of 3 using Scorpion (the one in yellow) 2-1.

   The video is a bit bright and a little bit shaky. We asked their house helper (ate jol) to be our human tripod. hehe~ We just used M’s Itouch to video the game play.  

    After 2 movies and 5 rounds of Mortal Kombat (I think we finished past 5pm already), we had dinner at SM Bicutan at Chowking, I was craving for Nai Cha, but the branch at SMB didn’t have any. Pfft!  M loves their asado sauce, at first I wasn’t into it, but eventually liked it.

C360_2011-06-18 20-00-35_org

2011-06-18 19.55.47

                                                                      The BF~

    It’s just a random date really, we had no plans on going out, nor even watch a movie (the green lantern had poor reviews, so we didn’t attempt in watching it and waste money.) When I was still with my previous work, I rarely visit him in his house unlike before (we’re still working on getting our own place, which is why I’m doing my best to find a job again.)


      What’s up with your weekend dear readers? Special mention to my friend J, HAPPEEEEE Belated Birthdaaaayyy~



         Till then!





  1. what phone was he holding at teh.

    i just watched Green Lantern. goodness!!! kung naging checkered pa suot nya, mukha sana syang si Lastikman. although i must admit, kulang ng substance, lower your expectaion a bit and you'll just be fine. :)

  2. @john: it's a itouch 4th gen

    naku, i don't have plans in watching it, ang lame daw eh. hahaha, lastikman talaga? LOL!

  3. i prefer mcdo's breakfast eversince :) the only breakfast item i order from jollibee is the pancake or longganisa.

  4. Jollibee's four-cheese fries look yummy! I'll definitely give them a try.

    As for "Green Lantern"... Meh, buti pa mag-three-peat na lang ng X-Men. :p

  5. @Midge: it's okay, the sour cream tastes like chicken daw, pero i want to try it parin.

    haha, same here. I'd rather watch Xmen again and again. LOL~

  6. Lastikman!!! woohoo!!! John Ray rocks!

    Gusto ko ring tikman ung fries ng jollibee. Maybe tomorrow when I go gallivanting at Rustan's. O, borrowed from John Ray's vocab un ha! Pakk!


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