Monday, February 14, 2011

My random Sunday + mini haul

      Happy Sunday readers, tomorrow is THE day, the so called love day, where malls will be bombarded with couples wearing red tshirts, ladies holding a bunch of rose/roses, definitely motels and hotels will be fully booked, restaurants as well. Hmm, I’m sounding like a valentine’s day hater am I? haha, for someone who is into a relationship, I just find this occasion so…. cheezy? Well, we all have different opinions when it comes to that.
       Well, this post isn’t really a rant post about valentines, haha. I was out with the BF tonight. I was just supposedly to be alone in buying out stuff that I need at the mall, but the BF surprised me, he went there ahead and I was really really happy and appreciate the “surprise” of accompanying me. We first had dinner at Glorietta food choices, World chicken.

     Here’s what I ordered:

DSCN2008                    potato salad, asian noodles pasta and the grilled chicken topped with taragon sauce

      The asian noodles was good, it’s just too slippery and orangey, that you end up with an orange stained mouth and around the lips (like how kids eats pasta-haha). The taragon sauce tasted bland, it didn’t do anything for the chicken. I knew I should’ve went for the ranch like the usual, but oh well.
  Here’s BF’s order:

DSCN2009                             grilled chicken with ranch sauce, asian noodle pasta and espanol rice
And right after eating

     For dessert we shared 1 big cup of Dairy Queen’s mud pie blizzard (already showed a picture of that in my date post with the BF a week ago). Right after I tried to look for suesh brushes and skin hour products at teen zone but I couldn’t find any. Also looked for ellana eye primer at SM Makati but it wasn’t available. I probably have to order it online. A little bit disappointing, but there were a few things that perked me up. Dragged the BF to SM beauty section and bought a few things. I was so happy when I saw the Sakura Bella line with pretty fake cherry blossom and Japanese pink umbrella’s. Here’s the stuff I bought.

DSCN2016               l-r: clean and clear clear fairness cleanser, sakura bella body scrub, st. ives apricot scrub.

     Now, you may be wondering what those 2 unboxed soap are, I was reaching out for the Olay bar soap, when the SA approached me and said they have a Olay promo. If you buy any beauty soap and in exchange go to the Olay booth, they will give you a free bar/s of Olay soap age defying. Sounds pretty good right? Unfortunately, their promo ends tonight at 9pm only :(
    I bought 2 Palmolive whitening soap and got 2 Olay bars for free and the big size! It was a steal. I spent P60+ pesos for 2 palmolive bars. Each bar was given individual paper boxes, the lady also gave me A LOT of free paper bags. Will definitely use it for an upcoming giveaway on my birthday 7 months from now that is, hehe.

Image1450   * phone camera used 

   I actually can’t wait to try these. This is my 2nd time to buy clean and clear facial wash, but this time I got the fairness cleanser which also has oil control.
 The BF knows how much I love Japan, and the cherry blossom and anything pink. And the Sakura Bella set up was screaming my name

   Either no one noticed us or it was okay to have my picture taken, I’m just glad I got away with it. haha~ Oh and by the way, it was the BF who insisted to have my photo taken. Now I wished it was real cherry blossoms ^_^

180375_1731834428467_1616721377_1662341_4438381_n                                                        PINK is L-O-V-E

        Oh and BTW, here’s teh tabby cat for you. I don’t know, but he loves this dresser, especially when I’m doing my make-up too. He love’s to annoy and I think he wants to believe he OWNS me, not the other way around. haha~
      Took the MRT on my way to work tonight, I’m dead beat! Can’t wait for  my rest day and payday. I’m so looking forward for this coming week for another mini haul, will post it as soon it arrives~ I’m so excited!
      Well, that’s it for my random Sunday~ How was yours? Will make reviews soon ;)

   Till then!



  1. i love the couple sweetie kiss. makes me wish... "ako kaya kelan"... haayyy valentines. :)

  2. how much is this World Chicken thingy. gusto ko sana pero baka mahal.

  3. @sugar sugar: thanks, same here, happy valentines ^_^

    @john: lol, hehe. world chicken is P150 lang

  4. The Olay age defying bars smell super good! They were the reason I went back to soap bars; I found them to be too drying since high school so I've been using body washes ever since.

    I'll wait for your review of the clear fairness cleanser! I had the moisturizer before but I found that it gave me a white cast. Gave it to my sister na lang who seems to like it. :)

  5. @kari: i'd have to agree, they sure do and the age defying made my skin soft BF noticed it too.

    sure, will make a review of that once I run out of my other clean and clear facial wash.

    thanks ^_^

  6. Happy Valentines Kitten. Was it the Olay SA who approached you? That's nice of her but lugi siya. The competitor brand posted a sale while they didn't.

  7. My darling cat also loves my dresser. She would sit there and stare at me through the mirror.

  8. @salmoncat: yes it was the SA who approached me, then the OLAY SA after. Hmmm, what do you mean? I don't get it, hehe. sorry, which competitor are you talking about? thanks.

    Isn't that weird noh? and they would sit on my make-up

  9. Bale because you bought 2 palmolive bars, palmolive profitted from you (competitor brand, colgate-palmolive phils). Olay (P&G) didn't.

  10. @salmoncat: hmmm, good observation, now I don't have the slightest clue why. Thinking about it, it is weird.

  11. Si John Ray ang weird... Sang planeta ka ba galing ha?

    Chacha and Dana love my dresser too. I think cats are really just vain.

  12. @lady e: i want your chacha, she looks like my friends cat chuchay, ay ano ba yan parehong C pangalan ng cats niyo, hehe.


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