Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines ~


   Happy Valentine’s Everyone, a warm greeting from me and M


   The left picture was last years valentine’s (I was still in college then- graduating BSBA) and right is 2011’s pre valentine celebration at Makati. Nothing really fancy, as we’re really saving up for a lot of things, wants and another trip to Tagaytay for Christmas again.

     M and I are together for 5 years and I’m definitely a lucky girl to have met my soulmate. I’ve been to rocky relationships back then, but eventually I got too tired of looking and decided to be single and wait for THE ONE meant for me. I’m thankful I waited, because I couldn’t ask for more. The book I kissed dating Good bye, by Joshua Harris, definitely helped a lot in changing my perception about relationships back then. For the single ladies, trust me, don’t be in a hurry, because if you wait, it’s much more worth everything you can ask for. Thank you lord for giving me such a wonderful and faithful man in my life~ Happy Valentine’s babe ;)  and happy valentine’s to everyone out there.


Till then!




  1. ha? college palang kayo ni MB?

    owwww??? so sweet.

  2. @john: yup, college pa. Baka DB not MB, MB kay lady e.


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