Sunday, March 20, 2011

Clothes Shopping for a wedding


   Good morning my dear readers! How are you? It’s been a while I know. My dearest friend arrived from her trip a few days ago and I truly missed her. I was thinking that she’ll be resting last Friday, but then what is rest to her? haha! Being that time of month for us ladies, it was the first time that I felt so much pain that day, but I still had to buy some stuff for the wedding that I attended just yesterday. I asked M to accompany me to Makati, then later in the afternoon Lady E texted me that, she will meet up with us.

    From her trip she gave me 2 pasalubongs, a hello kitty shower gel and chocolate, which I was able to try just one piece. When I got home last night, the box was empty. The chocolate was good E, I loved it, thank you thank you.

     We met up around 5PM, and when the clock hit 8PM and we still haven’t found any dress for me, I think E and I felt pressured already. Specially me, we went to The Ramp, first, we saw a really nice black and white dress, but I wanted a cover up for my arms and the SA gave us an impression that she doesn’t know what a cover up is. So we said, to look around at SM Makati, at least we have an option already. Having a budget doesn’t help I guess and ahem being full sized too~ so I never found anything at SM. E and I checked out the new brand Majolica , we loved the palette we saw. I’m pretty sure she’ll give in soon, haha. It’s just, the palette is small for the price, but just maybe.  So, after Majolica, we went to The ramp again, went back for the dress and IT WAS GONE! the SA said they only had, 2 stocks, 2 STOCKS!!? So, now I felt more pressured (Oh by the way, E’s lovey MB was there with us too, hehe) I was happy and thankful E was there with us, I needed guidance for her fashion sense, she found me a black cover up, at the same store where the dress was! So, I bought the black cover up immediately. Then we went to the store near the Kid’s zone, found one prospect but I find it too short for a wedding. But as we went out, found a similar looking dress but much more appropriate for a wedding. FINALLY! along with it, I bought a belt to “accentuate” and what I needed to hide. I actually find it cute , that we had a double date, we all ate at Food choices at Go Greek, I was tired and hungry, but my dysmenorrehea didn’t help finishing my food.

   Anyway, here are pictures …



                                                            Hello Kitty shower gel

       I wasn’t able to take pictures of the chocolate sorry Sad smile


      This was part of her birthday giveaway that I won and inside refer to picture below.


     She personally raved about the brush, and I can’t to try it too.

     Here’s the picture of the dress…




     The dress (thank goodness) was discounted, fromP1,200 to P980, the cover up was around P650 I think and the belt is P450.  All thanks to E~ love you. I just appreciate it a lot ^_^

       So that wraps up for the shopping part, I have other posts that I can’t wait to blog about. On another note, The Hyphen store will beat the Rockwell bazaar.


   There are new items in store for you Smile


    Thanks again to my dearest E for being my personal stylist, and to my M for providing the accessories.

     I think shopping for clothes for special occasions is tedious work, haha. I found a lot of clothes though for work more than for the wedding. So, my goal is to save up money and get serious in going back to shape, HA! I need more determination and will power. But I’m not plastic, I can’t give up on rice XD

      By the way, excuse me for the lame title, I can’t think of a good one~ haha! 


     Till then!




  1. That's a nice purple dress! :P

  2. You're super lucky, Kate! You always will :) Nice haul too, btw :D

  3. Ang cute ni kitty!!!

    but then what is rest to her? ---> ganun na ba ko kalala??

    yeah, i liked the chocolate too. buti ka pa nakatikim ka ng isa. ako nung humingi ako kay mom tunaw na kaya kung ano ung dumikit sa daliri ko un lang ang natikman ko. wahehe... pathetic!

    I had fun clothes shopping with

    oH, the bazaar is at THE GROVE by Rockwell on C5 in front of Tiendesitas.


  4. haven't you tried gbelt 5? i saw one boutique near customer service ground floor that displays good dresses. anyways, you already have one.

    Hephen to rock Rockwell? kakausapin daw sya ng mga Lopezesss urging na magbukas daw sya ng outlet sa rockwell. big time na talaga si Ma'am E. :)

  5. @John Ray: Sa The Grove pa lang hindi pa sa Powerplant! At bakit ba Ma'am ang tawag mo sa kin ha, ser?

  6. @Pammy and sugar sugar: thank you~ :)

    @Kate: aww, thank you.

    @Lady e: Oo cute siya, kala ko stuff toy, hehe.

    but then what is rest to her? ---> ganun na ba ko kalala?? = malapit ng lumala? hehehe

    hindi naman pathetic grabe ka, naunahan lang tayo. Me too, super fun, thank you talaga.

    Naks, talaga ha? not sulit noh? may ibang maganda pa naman at a better price and quantity.

    @John ray: yeah, i saw a store pero naman, budget ako.


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