Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Event: Make over session at Clinique


    Hello everyone, sorry for the delay, was busy with work and I’m sick again. Anyway, here’s my make-over session over at the Clinique counter during Lady E’s birthday party last Saturday.

     When M and I arrived I thought the party was starting already, I saw the birthday girl having her make-up done. Right after she had a short talk, telling everyone what’s in store for the day. So she calls my name first to have my make-up done by Ms. Malou.


kitten getting prepped, by bitsandtreats[5]

                *photo grabbed from Lady E’s album with permission

        Ms. Malou prepping my face and analyzing my skin type.

ms. malou fixing kitten's brows, by bitsandtreats[5]

           *photo grabbed from Lady E’s album with permission

       I was told she’s an expert in fixing eyebrows, and was happy she fixed mine.

      Products used in my face…


      For foundation, the Superfit foundie suited my skin type very well. I love it a lot, a bottle costs P1,700, but I say it’s worth the investment too. The benefits of the superfit foundation for a skin type 2:

  •   removes excess oil and perspiration and
  •   all day wear
  •   for skin type’s 234
  •   finish: Natural Matte
  •   coverage: Moderate to full
  •   oil free
  •   photo finish

          I was advised to use a much lighter shade of foundation. We did a foundation test, I forgot the exact shade used on me (sorry) but it was a lighter shade than what I usually use. Reason why was because, my face turns red easily, and if I use the shade that actually matches my skin complexion, it would look darker on me. I was really overwhelmed with these information and glad that I now know.


       I love how she applied my eye shadow, too bad I didn’t take a photo of it.



                                      Blushes costs P1,550 at Clinique

           Ms. Malou used the Chubby stick in watermelon for my lips. And here’s the final look.


     With Ms. Malou- my skin care and make-up consultant and on the right my fabulous blogger best friend Lady E.


           With my loving and supportive BF (M), thanks for accompanying me babe


       This is really funny, E, was busy talking with other guests that time, so I told M, to have our picture taken together instead. Oh and little did I know, E was behind us all along. I seriously didn’t know, until I saw my camera. Until now, I still laugh about it. haha~

        I definitely loved my make-over session, and the natural look she gave me. Now the only dilemma is, aside from investing on my skin care with Clinique products, is to also invest on their make-up line. I love LOVE L-O-V-E the superfit foundation and their brushes too. Their brushes were soft and dense enough~


   Random photos at Clinique’s counter…






     So that caps of my make-over session. I really had fun and most importantly learned a lot. Thank you Ms. Malou for feedimg me with all the wonderful accurate information. I will definitely go back when I can~ Also thank you to my wonderful new found best friend Lady E.


    Anyone of you a fan or a loyal user of Clinique? Have you had a skin consultation lately? Do visit Clinique


    Till then!




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