Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Event: Clinique - A future bride and her first time


    I’m featuring my friend’s make over too, which I think is awesome. She’s the one responsible in making E’s cupcake.

    J is a very busy person,  Lady E actually invited her but from what I know is that she declined due to her schedule, and when her Fiance’ texted me on the day of the event, asking what clothes should they wear I knew they would attend. YEY! Which is good too, so that M won’t be left out. When I was called to have my make-over I was surprised that she wanted to go with me and watch, I love that she’s game. So when it was her turn, I was with her, along with her fiance’ and M. Hmm, come to think of it, it was only J who was with me during my make-over (the boys – MB, M and E was busy having a short chit chat).

     Before I proceed, let me tell you a few things about J. She has very sensitive skin and rarely wears make-up, and when she does, it’s only Maxfactor that she wears, since it’s the only (for now) brand that works for her. She’s adventurous enough to try Clinique despite her skin problem.

    First, she had her skin consultation with Ms. Baby



     She’s really thinking hard about the product, total price for the set was around P4000+, it is an investment.

      These were the skin care products recommended for her skin type.


      My friend is still quite hesitant about it, and  the sample that they gave us is not enough to see actual results. We were only given a 3 step skin care sample, she asked if they had a sample of the anti blemish solution, too bad they didn’t but it was okay I guess.


    After the skin consultation, on to make-up…

     Here’s a funny before picture


     We both had lack of sleep, actually all four of us had any sleep that day, and despite that, this lady had enough energy to be wacky and stuff. 

      Products used on her for prepping and make-up:










      We both used the superfit foundation, wasn’t able to take photos of other products used like foundation and lipstick.

      And the after…



                                  A future bride to be~ a few months from now


    By the way, if you remember my post about a one of a kind gaming proposal, they were featured in Rated K a few Sundays ago before Valentine’s.


        Overall I think she had fun, but quite frankly still hesitant (she only wears make-up when required to). She experienced some itching after, but she’s not sure what caused it.


         Till then!




  1. super sensitive pala talga ng skin nya no?

    Ang taray! sila pala talaga ung sinasabi ni mich na nasa tv!

  2. @lady e: oo daw sabi ni fiance' niya.

    sayang nga di ko na panood, I can't find an uploaded video rin. Pero yung kay john ray nakahanap ako, haha

  3. yes i did get mild itch. :( but i'm still using the moisturizer and sun protection cream we got. so far it isn't irritating my face. still afraid to wear make up though.

    i'm considering getting a deep facial or something. that is if i could find the time for it.

    Thanks E so much for that makeover! and thanks Kitten for featuring me. heheh! the make-up artist we're getting really does have his hands full.

  4. i've always loved makeovers. pricey nga lang talaga ang clinique ano. but she looks good! hope i can watch their propsal on video though. hihihi.

  5. @Kaye: make overs are awesome! oo nga eh, super pricey but worth it ang skin care (my friend says). Though, I will try that missha rose water you reviewed, half the price lang eh and it looks promising too.

    well, we're all beautiful~ oh and here's their proposal. www.youtube.com/watch?v=hVxKJuRH9_o


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