Monday, March 07, 2011

Weekend foodtrip at A’veneto


   Along with my date with M and S, we decided to eat at Avenetto for dinner. It was both S and I’s first time to dine out there. BF kept warning us that the servings are HUGE, but we or I didn’t pay attention to it. Here’s the food we ordered


                                                Family Appetizer P300+

    The platter consisted of sweet spicy chicken wings, crabsticks, potato balls, fries and the usual 2 dips of white and red sauce. The crabsticks and potato balls were the first to be wiped out in the platter. This is definitely worth ordering. The chicken was nice too, really crispy and not oily.


     I love anchovies and I was happy to see that they offer a slice of Howie (something) pizza for P90. It was so huge and I wasn’t even able to finish a slice. The anchovies were yummy, salty the way I like it.


   My friend S’s order, Carbonara, sorry no price available, but most probably not more than P200. I’d have to agree, their serving is definitely for sharing. I’m not a fan of white sauces too much, but when I tasted their version of carbonara, this sure was different to my palette. Different in a very good way. Next time, will ask M to bring me here. The bread was untouched though, didn’t look appealing.

    M recommended that we get their best seller the oil based pasta, instead of shrimp, we went for hungarian sausage for P265


    Really good, worth ordering. It’s now the kind of wow thing, but it’s good. Next time I’m going for the shrimp which costs P300+



    This pizza was called England something. M ordered a large one, this may look small but it was huge for a large sized pizza.





      Still a lot of food left. Before the pizza came, which came last, S and I thought there weren’t any food arriving anymore. There was enough on the table and when M said: “guys there’s still pizza ha?”  I said: “shit!” haha~ it was like we were drowning in food already. But the good thing is?


    Lot’s of take out to bring home. I’m sorry that I wasn’t able to make a more detailed review about this restaurant when it comes to prices, I’ll make another review next time when BF and I will eat here. But over all, it was a treat! and worth going back to. One thing though that I didn’t like about the SM Megamall branch, the doors were open and I find it warm inside. I hated it! Till our next food trip~



   Till then!




  1. uhm.. teka lang ha! sa pagkaka alam ko, 3 lang kayo! eh bakit pang isang barangay ung pagkain nyo??

    I have the same plate as the appetizer plate. LOL...

    Haven't tried this resto yet... Oh, wait! Is this the same as in Glorietta? I think I have eaten here and the food there gave me terrible tummy aches and you know what after so I never went back.LOL

  2. everything looks so yummy! i love love love italian food! =)

  3. @lady e: oo nga eh, ganun kalaki servings nila, masyadong marami.

    talaga? collectiones talaga ah.

    @sugar sugar: same here, can't go wrong with italian

  4. anong collectiones??? Melaware lang kaya yan! hahaha!

  5. Madalas ako sa Napoli dati, which is practically a twin restaurant of Avenetto. I love their seafood pesto and baked mussels and chicken strips!

  6. Now that is a LOT of scrumptious food!

  7. @Kari: interesting, will try to find the place

    @Midge: it is a LOT! but I love it! next time i'm trying the puttanesca pizza. hehe

  8. thats a lot of food ... A LOT!

  9. we have yterminologies by the way to define a gourmand and gourmet food. bomba and bongga. bongga to mean that it's well presented but at a higher premium. bomba means that regardless of the presentation, the quantity is profuse.

    so my question is, is the A'Veneto serving bomba? or bongga food.

  10. @john: presentation wise, i can't say, i suppose it's more of bomba food to me. Pero masarap siya

  11. natawa ko sa comment ni John Ray...

  12. I am glad to see that Italian cuisine is so highly appreciated.

  13. @Treviso Tourism: It is, here in the Philippines we actually have a lot of Italian restaurants that we all love to dine at.

    Thanks for commenting :)

  14. I love this resto too. We used to frequent their SM San Lazaro branch. My favorite food to order: seafood pasta :D

  15. Hello Unsugarcoated Reviews, thanks for commenting.

    That's nice to know, i may just try that next time we dine there. Thanks for the recommendation~


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