Monday, April 18, 2011

2 things I love-d about SUMMER: UPDATED



   The heat is terrible, I absolutely H-A-T-E summer!

   But if there’s something good that happened for this year’s summer were 2 things. First up, I want to share with you my proud moment (whoa, parang stage mother?! haha). M’s creative artwork was chosen as the new Firefox Philippines Mascot, and a few weeks ago, Firefox held a contest, Name the Mozilla Philippines Mascot. Here’s a sample in one of the entries for the contest: WTF! – What the Fox. It was funny!

   M was really happy to have his artwork chosen as Firefox’s mascot, and so yesterday was the launch of the Mozilla Firefox Philippine’s at AIM (Asian Institute of Management), Makati. Aside from the launch, of course the announcement of the mascot’s name. I wasn’t able to go with M since I just got off from work, but he says the event was really cool and he got to talk with big shot people from Globe and etc. He felt like a celebrity that time and was really happy. The announced winner for the mascot’s name is: ALAB, here’s alab

firefox mascot

   Update: Here’s M pictures  during his talk




                  Photos were just sent to me by M, not owned by me

   The second thing that I’m happy about summer is the summer KOMIKON, M and I met up in mcdonald’s greenbelt1 around 1PM and went to the event, which was at the Bayanihan Pioneer. I didn’t take pictures, but I saw my favorite artists like Carlo Vergara (creator of ZsaZsa Zaturnnah), Budjette Tan and Kajo Baldisimo (creator of TRESE). The BF was the one who got a lot of goodies, BF surprised me with the pink Tshirt chibi of ZsaZsa, which we missed buying at the play in CCP a few months ago. And he also bought me an artwork of one of the characters in TRESE. We didn’t really stayed long, since we also had other agenda’s to do. But we had fun, the place is so much better too.



Thanks to M for being such a sweetie, I definitely love the shirt! And also thanks to the ever so kind Sir Carlo Vergara for always taking time to talk to us ( I always get starstruck and speechless when I get the chance to see him at these events). I blushed when he said: (ang cute niyo talaga) awww, next time I’ll talk more. I’m not really the talkative type, except only when I’m with M.

     Other than that, my summer will be spent at work. Oh well, that’s life! haha~


     Till then!




  1. Congrats to M, and that shirt is soooooo cuuuuuute! :D

  2. @Kari: thank you~ haha, it is.

  3. I think the sleepless night/day was well worth it, no? Work is okay. Just think of all the gadgets you'll be able to buy come payday and don't forget the makeup too!

  4. ang galing ni M!

  5. Galing naman ... nice nice! I like the shirt too. Coolness sobra!

  6. @Lady E: I know, I can't wait for that~

    @salmoncat: thanks

    @kay: thanks

  7. congrats... papano kaya ma-incoporate natin ang fox sa filipino culture. the closest we have is the alamid. i wish firefox could have named it blazing civet. :)


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