Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Purple from my AMMO palette


    I love make-up, but if you ask if I’m an expert about it, well I’m not. I currently have an addiction with palettes and among the 4 that I have, my Urban Decay AMMO has got to be my most favorite of them all. It’s quite handy too, perfect for travelling. Here’s a comparison of how small it is.


      That’s my Tickles pouch wallet, I place all my cords in here.


  I actually never thought that purple would suit me well, so well, that Last Call and Grifter is my UTMOST favorite color among them all. I haven’t touched the oil slick, polyester bride, and mildew.


                                   l-r: SMOG, Mildew, Maui wowie and Shattered


                                 l-r: oil slick, last call, polyester bride and grifter


DSCN2837                                               Chopper, last call, grifter

DSCN2838                                                           SIN

My say:

    These colors are quite glittery, specially chopper. Some are shimmery like the 2 purple shades, sin, shattered and mildew. This is definitely a worthy buy for me. All colors are very pigmented which I love about Urban Decay palettes. Here’s a simple FOTD, the color doesn’t show much in the photo, but I promise that that color pops out. (I seriously need a new camera that can make the colors pop out)




   For the eyes, I used sin, grifter and last call. I also used sin as a highlighter  

   For the lips, I used the NYX in Thalia, but I did not use it alone as it  makes my lips look purple, like a living dead. So I had to swipe some lip ice first, then a little bit of concealer, then the lipstick.


           Here’s how it looks, what I like about NYX is that it’s creamy, easily glides on the lips.



     Till then!





  1. very pretty! :) I have never tried concealing my lips prior to lipcolor haha. it doesn't taste weird or anything?

  2. Ang taray ng review na ito! I love it! o isa pa!

  3. @Kari: it doesn't taste anything, not unless you lick it right? hehe. I used to smoke before, which is why my lips are a little dark.

    @lady e: hahaha. titingnan ko. wahahaha

  4. I had Thalia but I gave it away cos it made my lips look purple too.

  5. love your FOTD...sobrang simple and so Kitten-ly

  6. @catmare: you and me the same~

    @Ahne: awww, thanks. *hugz*

  7. Nice review! I love UD palettes, too!

    BTW, I tagged you here: :)

  8. @Catmare: yes, they're really something noh?

    i replied to your post, but super thank you~ ^_^


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