Thursday, April 07, 2011

Brush talk: ELF Powder blush


  Hello everyone, it’s been a long while since I haven’t blogged on beauty stuff. Just like my friend Lady E, I too is on a shopping diet, meaning I can’t buy make-up for 3 paydays. I’m saving up something special for the BF for his upcoming birthday in May.

   For today post:

    I’m really happy I won the ELF powder brush from Lady E’s giveaway last February. I’m loving this brush, the handle is really nice and looks professional too. I washed it first with sunsilk green shampoo, and I’m pretty impressed, no shedding at all and the bristles are soft, but dense enough for contouring. I’ve only used this as blush, later, will try it for my foundation.



                                                                     no flash


                                                                  with flash


       Description: This taklon brush can be used with wet or dry products. Creates a professionally sculpted look, full coverage color.




      I checked online for reviews, and so far, reviews about this product is really good. Even E says this brush is good! Thanks E.


      Till then!




  1. bakit parang ang ganda ganda ng brush mo? parang kawawa ung brush ko in comparison. LOL! I'm super busy, I think 2 weeks have gone by that I wasn't able to deep clean my brushes. Don't worry, I cleaned them na last night.

  2. @E: Because it's still new, haha. I just started to use this last week lang. Good naman, I've yet to see the sigma, weeeee

  3. love love this brush! I use mine for foundation and for blush. Works really well. Super soft. I love it. :)

  4. @Catmare: me too, super love this too. I'm impressed with it, I just tried using this today with foundation and I love how it looks.

  5. this looks like a soft and fluffy brush! :3 i like soft and fluffy brushes haha! =)

  6. @sugar: it is, fluffy yet dense. LOL!

  7. wow this looks nice, parang it will be great for make up newbie din noh? Thanks for the review, got an idea na which one to buy..hehe!

  8. @Jenggay: it does, it's easy to use. most welcome~


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