Sunday, April 10, 2011

In a heart beat: Gadgets makes me a geek!


     Hello everyone, happy weekend! For today’s post, I want to share with you what has been making me giddy, restless and excited for a couple of days already. Though, if you remember I raved about the Nokia C3 post, and I was given the opportunity to review a Nokia phone and I’m really thankful for it. I still love nokia phones but it’s the android hype that is making me want to go android too. Until my M shows me THE Huawei Ideos. It made my heart skip, it’s just so cute! Specs wise, pretty decent, it’s a basic smart phone.

    Regardless how it may be slower than other branded android phones – comparing it with Samsung (it has only 528MHz) meaning, some apps/games will run slowly, but I don’t mind really. Since I plan to buy an Itouch for dedicated app use. This baby, I’m sure I’m going to have soon *winks at M*


  *photo taken from the net

      The Huawei is the cheapest android phone in the market too, and they have a PINK ONE!

      I’ll keep  you posted once I get this baby on the rightful hands, haha.



      Till then!




  1. i love the pink one...will wait for your review...

  2. i haven't really thought about getting an androind but the colors are cute! :)

  3. @ahne: me too! thanks~

    @catmare: they sure are cute~

  4. pahiram mo sa akin ng sanlinggo teh para review ko rin. bwahahaha.

  5. the HTC Desire S will be coming out soon, priced at 25-27k.

  6. @john: mahal john T_T if your going to buy, will wait for review. hehehe


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