Friday, May 13, 2011

Tech talk: A birthday gift


Happy Friday the 13th everyone, hehehe.

Well today sure was a happy day for my M. Why you ask? well, remember how long I have not been posting anything specially when it comes to make-up? is because I have been saving really hard for my BF’s birthday gift. And so, finally! I was able to buy it! YEY! I’ve been wanting to buy him a gadget for a gift, and it was perfect timing. For his birthday gift last year, I bought him this…



   I was actually really lucky to have found this at a toy store (for the “big” boys) for less than what it is being sold now. Would you believe, at ebay, they are selling this for around P20,000 – up. I got this for less than P10,000 and was even on sale. He was definitely happy.

  So for this year, I wanted to make him happy and bought him a……


    A sweet spankin’ brand new IPOD Touch 32GB 4th gen! other than it was something he wanted, he also wanted it because of work, in doing app projects. Of course, as soon as he bought it, he immediately had an ishield installed for the front only. Curing takes 3 days before you can actually use it (placing it in a bag/pouch).



IOS 4.1, 1 year apple warranty, and of course not jailbreak-ed

Comes with a basic package of earphones and a charger usb. All stores has the same package but different price, so it was just a matter of finding a good priced Ipod touch and we did. Regardless, it’s brandnew. And honestly, yes, I’m really jealous. haha.


    This was while we were waiting in line at the ishield kiosk at Megamall


                                            Right off the bat SEXEY~ Slim



   Inside the box…




    I thought it comes with a charger, but you have to buy that one separately. Though, you can charge it using a laptop/pc, but I prefer it the traditional way.


    But mostly, I’m happy to have bought a really precious gift for my M, it was actually an advanced birthday gift, hehe~ Happy birthday babe, love you~


  Till then!





  1. Happy Birthday M! Shoshal! And this means that we can go makeup shopping again!!! wheeeeee!!!!

  2. lucky man ! happy birthday to M :))

  3. @lady e: thanks, will tell. haha, need to pay up muna before i could.

    @geishcharles: thanks ^_^

  4. wow! your gifts are so cool!

  5. @salmoncat: lol! hehe, thanks~

  6. bagong bago, shining shimmering splendid ipod touch 4gen, habang sa akin lumang luma na dahil sa Wrapsol. hahaha.

  7. @john: haha, yeah, pina I-shield niya rin but front lang.


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