Saturday, May 14, 2011

A date on Friday the 13th


    Hello people! first of, thank god blogger is back. I was continously “monitoring” blogger tonight, hoping I could read updates as well as post my blog too. And Lo and behold, when I reloaded the page, it went back to normal. YEY!

    Anyway, in my previous post about my advanced birthday gift for the BF, this is a continuation, we had dinner at Tokyo tokyo Megamall Ortigas.

     It was a few weeks ago that I noticed that the Japanese fast food chain re-made their “menu”. They now offer, fancy maki’s. Here’s what we had




  I wanted the tempura maki, but M ordered the American maki, which has ham and cream cheese. I’m acutally curious what those green and pink tiny “balls” were. The color was appealing to the eye though. My verdict? It tasted good, but not completely wowed by it. M loved it to bits! Next time, I will be trying the tempura maki and spicy beef.


   We both ordered the tempura and veggie bento, it was good, and I sure did taste the shrimp this time, which is good. You can never go wrong with Tokyo tokyo to fill up some hungry tummies and value for your money.



   After dinner, we or I mean I wanted something sweet and creamy, so we chilled at Starbucks, me ranting out about how my week has been and just completely talking non stop. We definitely missed each other so much. Had our usual fix of….



                                                     My mocha frappucino  


                                                        M’s choco something



    Among other things, I bought a few stuff for my other baby – Tabby. His usual Friskies, bought him a new collar and 1 can of over priced 9lives can for P95 at Animal House Megamall. Oh well, I love my cat <3





    That’s about it! Hope your Friday the 13th went well~


    Till then!





  1. I see myself convincing my friend to treat me to Tokyo Tokyo hahaha ...

  2. @kay: LOL~ tokyo never fails

  3. Wow, wonderful!
    My stomach is rumbling and my mouth is salivating......

  4. @Mandy: it is, not bad for a fast food japanese joint~

    i love japanese food and could eat it everyday. :)

  5. ill try to check out their new makis. mukang masarap nga!
    u buy pala at animal house??? i used to, for my doggie. pero they items are sobrang sobrang overpriced!

  6. @Gita Asuncion: it was pretty good naman, worth trying (in my opinion). I do sometimes, yeah super mahal, I can't believe that can of 9lives almost cost a hundred pesos already. And their friskies is P70, where as in shopwise you can buy it for P67.50 only.

  7. I'm craving for that oreo cheesecake right now!

  8. talaga? stuff are cheaper pala in shopwise? hmmm... ill go nga and check out their canned alpo. thanks!

  9. @Ms. Gita: well, a few pesos cheaper, yes. it's not that bad right? yeah, check it out, but a sure bet that's a cheaper place is cash and carry.

  10. @Timeless Confection: haha, go grab one when you get a chance to visit starbucks.

    hey, i like your blog, i cringed when i saw your review of the missha. i want to buy one now, haha.

    and thanks for following, really appreciate it.

  11. @salmoncat: hehe, he is and super pasaway too.

  12. wow, maki, ang sarap. may alam ka bang maki-all-you-can na resto? except for yakinuku?

  13. nice blog :) oh by the way i gave you an award. thanks :)

  14. @john: for now, no eh, ikaw baka may alam ka? there's always saisaki. hehe

    @iamfabulouslyfab: hi there, thank you for following, highly appreciated. And thanks for the award too. Will work on that~


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