Monday, June 27, 2011

My thoughts about the Majolica Majorca Lash Expander mascara~



                      Majolica Majorca Lash Expander (brown) P795

     Mascara’s are essential must have’s in a woman’s make-up bag. I recently purchased the Majolica Majorca Lash Expander in brown out of curiosity. My thought’s about it? Not a rave, or rant but in between. For someone who has short lashes, I’ve yet to find a mascara that REALLY lengthens the lashes. So as described, lash expander? it only gave me a slight extension. I also find the fibers unusual for a mascara, the fibers help lengthen the lashes I suppose.



     What makes their wand unique is that there’s a comb for the lower lash which is easy to apply.Which I like, maybe results would look better had I only bought the shade in black. The brown one appears too light.


   There are a lot of reviews already, so I won’t babble on this too much. These are my thoughts about it. Do I love it? not really, there are a lot of mascara products out there that I’ve yet to try. But points go to the packaging and wand invention.

     OT (off topic): that scratch on my hand? Tabby is the culprit, I have a lot more scratches in my arms which is why I need to keep myself from hugging and playing with the kitty. And as usual, in most of my posts, I always include my spoiled kitty (either a picture or video) enjoy.

   *note sorry for the background noise, Click link here.



      Till then!





  1. I tried Lash Wing Neo at the counter in SM North but the fibers got into my eye seconds after applying the mascara. I don't wear contacts, but still, I don't think this is for me. :)) The packaging is so pretty though!

  2. so that's how it looks like pala. i've been thinking of purchasing this...thanks for posting this kate!

  3. @Kari: the fibers can be a bothersome to some people noh? specially with those who have sensitive eyes. Their packaging is nice.

    @Kaye: yes, I wish I bought the black one instead, sayang. Their pencil liner is so creamy.

  4. Tabby: 1, Plastic Bag: 0

  5. @salmoncat: haha, id have to agree

  6. have you tried Clinique High Impact teh? another option na medyo hindi naman mahalia is the Maybelline Great Lash. winner teh!!!

  7. @john: I think the masccara na clinique you mentioned was used on me nung clinique party.

    in fairness to maybelline, the volum express is my favorite.

  8. Much as I'd love to wear mascara more often, my contact lenses kinda act up whenever I put it on! Still, Majolica Mallorca looks like a really interesting cosmetic brand. :3

  9. @Midge: it is an interesting brand, the sister of shiesiedo I believe. I'm curious about their liners though. The irony of having contact lenses i suppose, hope you find a good mascara that's safe to use.

  10. I haven't tried Majolica Majorca Mascara yet. I was dying to try it, I had high hopes about it. But now I'm thinking twice if I should purchase it or not. lol.

    Oooh your cat's name is tabby? My persian's name is Tabby too! lol.

  11. @catmare: it's just the fibers that can get irritating. I'm not bashing on the brand, i'm not sure with their other mascara's too. Personal choice i suppose.

    I saw in P's post, she had vava-voom lashes but maybe because she had long lashes, short lang kasi sa akin.

    Yes, his name is tabby. OMG! pareho ng name, cuteness!

  12. Buti na lang hindi ako masyado nag ma mascara hehe I also have short and straight eyelashes so mahirap din lagyan ng mascara lol


  13. @mrsmartinez: you do? ako kasi even if i have short lashes, i cant live without a mascara. hehe~


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