Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Product review: Mineral Flowers Skin care


     Skin care post for today, I was supposed to try out the MISSHA rose water skin care line, which was good for keeping the oilies as reviewed by Timeless Confessions. But it was too far from my place, so I had to settle for something different. I hope by next month M’s car will be completely fixed already so he can drive me to SM North Edsa. So, in my previous haul, I bought the Minerals and Flowers rose geranium mini set.


     The mini set costs P630 Initially, I was planning on purchasing the Facial wash alone, but when I saw the set with a day and night cream, I opted for this one instead. The facial wash alone costs around P400+ I think, for the 2 creams I cannot remember anymore (sorry).

      Night cream



        I have been using these for more than 2 weeks already. My verdict? since there were a few nights that I was too lazy to put on the night cream, I can’t really say  that my signs of aging lessened. But what I find noticeable is that when I wake up,  my face feels softer. Consistency wise, it’s quite thick and you only need a pea size to cover the whole face which is not bad (at least tipid).



       Day cream



      What attracted me to this particular product was when I saw the part “helps make-up last all day” However, I didn’t notice any drastic change, and my skin was still oiling up late in the afternoon. Besides, with the humid weather we have and being outdoors, the make-up (powder and blush) is bound to melt eventually. The consistency is the same as the night cream.


      Facial wash




      For the facial wash, this has to be a love and “hate” thing. There was one time that I had full make-up on (eyebrow, eye make-up the works) when I use the PONDS Pure white facial wash, I could still see remnants of eye shadow on my lids. But with this, everything  melted well and my face was squeaky clean, it was non drying too and does not make my face feel tight after. I love the cleansing properties it has. For the “hate” part, I find the consistency thin / watery, when you open the cap, it spills if your not careful. Even if you buy the big bottle, it wouldn’t last for 2 weeks (not so sulit). It also takes time to lather up in your face too.

       Overall, I like the day and night cream (not head over heels though), but it’s something I might buy again. As for the facial wash, as I said it’s a love and “hate” relationship. I can’t always spend P400+ twice a month, so I need to find an alternative, which I might already have (will blog about it soon). What  I can vouch for Mineral flowers is their body butter. It IS LOVE! my body feels super super smooth, I’m getting one soon (preventive aging?) haha. It is definitely worth spending for.


      Shout out to MISSHA Philippines, Please have a branch in Makati Please, pretty please?! ^_^



        Till then!





  1. The big bottles of the day cream & night cream were 600+ din if I remember correctly! I repurchased the day cream na almond after trying the set. matagal ko rin siyang ginamit. Mga 3 months ata. :) Di ko rin type yung consistency ng facial wash, haha.

  2. @kari: ah okay, thanks for informing me. I would go back for the day and night cream too. Lugi sa facial wash eh.

  3. Martyna PiechowskaMarch 3, 2012 at 4:07 PM

    I bought day cream but for dry skin
    it is interesting whether he well will act to my skin


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