Sunday, June 26, 2011

Playing with pinks and my current read


  It’s been 2 weeks of my vacation and it seems like it’s been a month already. The irony of being unemployed and starting from scratch all over again. But at least I know that being a BUM is not my thing.

    I was utterly bored today and I miss wearing make-up, so I decided to play (practice) with my eye make-up. The first time I wore the Wet and Wild (sweet as candy palette), it made my eyes look small because the pink eye lid color was too frosty and I didn’t wear any eyeliner. But this time, I made sure to put black eyeliner and topped with black eyeshadow . It looks much better and does not make my eye look sleepy. But the color doesn’t show much since my room is rather dark even with florescent light. I just used my camera phone

C360_2011-06-26 16-00-10

C360_2011-06-26 15-49-06

C360_2011-06-26 15-59-08

   Sorry, maybe I’m just being vain today which rarely happens, haha. So just imagine me with full make-up but wearing “pambahay” (a big shirt and shorts), my sisters kept asking If I’m going out today, haha. I’m also testing out some products that I will be reviewing soon. But one thing for sure even with the Dr. Jart BB cream (silver) it makes my face super oily, which is supposedly to control oil. What I love about the palette, even without a primer, the color still stands out which is good if I don’t want a “dramatic” EOTD. The Wet and Wild palettes are definitely worthy buys.

    Mind you, I am not that white, just slightly fair, I just used the camera app in my phone (camera 360) using dreamlike effect. As for my read, it was outstanding and unpredictable which I like. While reading I was craving for chocolate, and what I do even when we were kids is to eat powdered milo and put a tablespoon or two of water which turns out as fudge, YUM~



C360_2011-06-26 19-46-24

    The lipstick used was AVON’s barely there, I just topped it off with ELF’s lipgloss in watermelon. 


      It’s been a long week and I hope something interesting will pass by. I’m still persistent applying online and praying for one application I found. XD


       Till then!





  1. I wish I could take a picture of myself wearing make up that I myself put on... but every time I do it, it's like there's no make up in the picture :D

    I do the same thing, I play with my kit whenever I'm bored :D

  2. @chew on this: maybe because the application is really light, or the lighting? I happen to have the same dilemma sometimes specially when I make EOTD's

  3. hi kate!pink really do look good on you because you're fair-skinned. i love "the notebook"!!!!!!

  4. @Kaye: thanks, i love it too. I think it's the best love story ever made.

  5. same here with the milo, although we just shove spoonfuls into our mouths. yum.

  6. ganda mo teh, para kang si jhodie sta maria.


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